Do you suppose this is the same level of expertise our BOE is receiving for legal advice?

Milone and Macbroom, the “experts” providing Greenwich with its data on school enrollments and demographics specializes in landscape architecture. With all of Cos Cob to draw on, we need outside gardeners to advise us on school attendance? And the BOE is using that advice to break up neighborhood schools?

Makes you wonder whether the lawyer the BOE is relying on in deciding not to challenge the state’s racial preference law is necessarily the very best source of legal expertise available.


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15 responses to “Do you suppose this is the same level of expertise our BOE is receiving for legal advice?

  1. Stanwich

    Wow, ’nuff said.

  2. Anon

    Maybe Lockwood and Mead’s legal eagle (that’s you) should quit selling dirt, renew your law license and take up the BOE litigation. Makes sense. You live in the ‘hood and Understand the dynamics of why people move to riverside. This could be your Move to Montana fund.

  3. burningmadolf

    They did “work” in Stamford.
    Malloy was mayor of Stamford.
    Stamford is ready, willing and able to provide every school in Greenwich with more than enough racial “balancers.”
    This directive came from the top.
    And if you sue the state, the feds will be ready.

    • housecat

      Stamford may very well *want* to dump several busloads of students in Greenwich (and Darien, and New Canaan…) but it doesn’t pay the local real estate taxes that fund our schools (and vice versa). That is the system CT has, Hartford will just have to live with it. BTW, the DOJ isn’t going to back the State in defending a law that the Supreme Court just ruled unconstitutional. It can’t. The law is unconstitutional on its face. Don’t get me wrong, I certainly share your cynicism, but I believe Greenwich should challenge this.

      • CHALLANGE ?
        Oh…. maybe the “experts” want to bus children through Chickahominy named after one of the few battle sites we won in 1862 to begin to actually start to educate with pride instead of false tax money grubbing rotting Hartford and D.C.

      • burningmadolf

        This whole forced busing BS has been happening in Hartford county for years with the city of Hartford busing their “balancers” to wealthier towns under the Sheff v O’Neil ruling and no one has fought it.
        Either Greenwich is being set up to challenge this legally, or the tards in Hartford think they can dump this on Greenwich at a time when they feel they have the power.
        I know I’m out there with this, but I don’t believe this is just a local issue, somebody in Hartford is at the very least advising.

        • Cos Cobber

          You want to get nuts?!!? do- ya!? okay – lets get nuts!

          Cross county bussing maybe Hartford’s trump card, but I dont care – lets just get on with our state immolation. The first bus should be headed to NC and Darien anyway.

        • housecat

          Burning Madolf:
          I don’t think you’re out there at all. I think you’re totally correct when it comes to Hartford’s motivations re: Greenwich. The situation in Greenwich isn’t anything like the one in Hartford (if we’re talking about Sheff v O’Neil). There is no way anyone could argue that New Leb and Ham Ave students aren’t getting equal access to a quality education, since we spend literally twice as much per student in those two schools as we do on students in Riverside and OG. Also, those same students end up integrated with the rest of the Town at least at the high school level, if not in middle school. So, anyone arguing a violation of Sheff is pretty full of it. I think you’re correct that Hartford may be trying to force us to challenge it (and that most of them are mentally challenged).

          Mr. Alexander:
          Easy, killer. My family’s done its bit for this country, too (start with the “French and Indian War” and work your way down the timeline). I’m just not advocating that we storm Hartford with our scythes and pitchforks, however satisfying that would be. If Hartford wants to force Greenwich to adhere to an unconstitutional statute, then I advocate challenging them in court if we have to. If I thought for a minute that Hartford’s motives were pure, or that NL and HA students were somehow being denied access to a good education, I would feel differently. But I don’t. This whole thing is BS.

      • CatoRenasci

        The whole issue of cross-district busing was hot in Connecticut a few years back. In fact, reliable rumor has it that warding off any cross-district busing between Stamford and Greenwich was a major reason Sandy Waters (then BoE chair) hired Betty Sternberg as Superintendent – Sternberg as former state Commissioner of Education was supposed to be able to make that go away. Not sure if anyone realized how thoroughly incompetent she was in everything else when they hired her, but she does seem to have been successful (at least at the time and for sometime thereafter) in banishing the cross-district busing bogeyperson.

  4. You make a great point….they “specialize in landscape architecture”…they are a PE brain firm with a few token Landscape Architects on payroll.
    The only real planning in the US has occurred as a result of real Landscape Architecture.
    Not exterior designers as the only definition understood by low information voters such as…YOU ? of what a Landscape Architect is. As a proud graduate of a school that continues to look down on the Harvidiots and Yalefails my guilt is that my self and my profession has let our country and my Town go down.
    I and we (real Landscape Architects) are going to be merciless in the redesign of our communities starting with Greenwich.
    I do not expect you to back or agree unless you do.
    Hope to wave high to you on Greenwich Avenue while driving up, legally soon…..One of the first and dumbest ideas ever in our 300 pus year history was one waying it within moments of drinking the RPA Kool Aid poured all over us by the New York City worshippers in the poat race riot 1960’s atmosphere.
    50 years of failure of non planning can be easily reversed with COMMON SENSE and a TOWN PLAN voted on by all not just the boards and commissions in place by default.
    This tiny little explanation will be slightly expanded on 6/3 at the RTM Land Use Committee as my response to the update status of the Plan Of Continuous Dabblement ……busing children from Riverside to Byram is dramatic, but look a little deeper and it is just visual blotch on the underlying leprosy condition….

  5. Anonymous

    hartford is being directed by the socialist in charge down in d.c. to make an example of greenwich, that rich white town of 1% ‘ers.

  6. Anonymous

    Hey Greenwich BOE–you might as well include income in your diversity calcs, because it seems that race-based approaches aren’t the end all be all. You def. want to be at the forefront of progressive integration.

    Income-Based Diversity Lags at Some Universities

    Opponents of race-based affirmative action in college admissions urge that colleges use a different tool to encourage diversity: giving a leg up to poor students. But many educators see real limits to how eager colleges are to enroll more poor students, no matter how qualified — and the reason is money.

    For the sleuths out there, it might be interesting to know where each BOE member lives and what school their kids go to. Because we deserve to know, being their employers and all (it’s that pesky taxpayer thing), it would be great to see leading by example.

  7. Anonymous

    FF is the Manchurian Mole.
    Frank Ponyboy Fudpucker came back to get even with the greenwich fountainbleubloods who looked down their snoutfairs at the nopo trailer trash adams garden graduate.

  8. Anonymous

    It’s interesting to note that in its 2007 study, the BOE predicted that attendance at Riverside would decline by 4 percent over the ensuing 5 years, falling from 490 in 2006-07 to 470 in 2011-12. In actuality, attendance at Riverside increased by 6% over the time period, rising to 520 in 2011-12. I think this goes to show that the consultant’s ability to forecast student populations is surprisingly poor. I suspect (fear?) they overlook the tendency of parents with young children to move into areas with good schools.