Must be some birdhouse

26 Buxom LaneNew listing today for 26 Buxom Lane (Walt named it), $1.065. Looks pleasant, although I personally couldn’t live under I-95, but I was struck by the listing’s warning that the birdhouse is not included in that million-dollar price tag. I’m sure it’s not a deal breaker, but really, a birdhouse? Can the buyer at least keep the garden hose?


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5 responses to “Must be some birdhouse

  1. you’re right, Buxom is far more enticing than Buxton.

    this got lost in the whole busing, BOE, pitchforks issue, but, i am going to re-comment it anyway because i thought it was funny:

  2. Anonymous

    screams ‘old lady’ moth balls included…

  3. D

    So sad they got included in the waterfront valuation… $11K in taxes is a lot of underneath I-95.

  4. Old Timer

    Awww, this is such a quaint old house. And for 50 years, it didn’t have to worry about a silly highway going over it. Well, those were the good ol’ days.