Fire in the hole!

Cos Cob House of the High Colonic

Cos Cob House of the High Colonic

Should enemas only be performed by licensed nozzlers?  Hartford Democrats think so; thousands of dominatrixes and their happy customers would say no. There is no matter so trivial that politicians won’t attempt to stick their meddlesome fingers into it.

Mayor Bloomberg wants the state to control what we ingest and how much, our own pols want to dictate what we do with it once we’ve eaten. Cradle to grave, plate to toilet bowl, the state claims the power to manage it all.

Let’s hope that this, too shall pass – our safety depends on it!


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14 responses to “Fire in the hole!

  1. Cobra

    It would appear that members of the Greenwich BOE already have such licenses.

  2. Twisted Brother

    Who knew Greenwich is so avant-garde in the personal services industry?

    BTW, where is this Cos Cob colonic joint anyway and is Walt a regular?

  3. Anonymous

    I’m eagerly awaiting Walt to chime in!

  4. Greenwich citizen

    I recommend a long colonic for every member
    of the BOE!

  5. Colonic lover

    We finally have two Republicans disagreeing and it’s about the proper use of a colonic. Tesei sais shut them down. Camillo wants more. I can’t wait for the local election debates!

  6. Concerned citizen

    I have an idea……
    Half price colonics on Thursdays with the remainder of money being donated to MISA.

  7. FF

    This is Pulitzer worthy writing from the GT

    “A disposable plastic speculum and tube are inserted about two inches into the person’s anus during the procedure, she said.

    “They pretty much insert it themselves,” Laessig said. “The water goes in so slowly and it feels like a trickle. I do a little abdominal massage and we see what comes out. It’s a series of fills and releases.”

  8. Greenwich Citizen

    Sign me up. I’m in need of a good tickle.

  9. Cos Cob Resident

    Does Tesei plan on putting this on the next
    BOS meeting? If so I will actually go.

  10. LOL

    Tesei …….Dirty Ass
    Camillo…….Clean Ass

  11. she gives a shit

    a plumber handling shit in sewer needs a license. why does she not do the same.

    call mike rowe for this dirty job.

    is there a law saying you cannot be born at home too…legislating only hospital births as legal.

    with a license, you can now complain about her service..otherwise the state has little ability to regulate it.

    how about tattoo parlors, they get a license too.

    more revenue, more state inspectors, regulatyors grow