With Steph squeezing for alimony, his art collection gone, Buddy Hackett will try anything


May 31, 2013 · 6:18 pm

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  1. That building looks like what is today’s Finch’s Country Store at the four corners in Banksville. Could it be? Even the same rutted parking lot! 🙂

    • I think not – I remember this building being where it was (west side of North Street), until it wasn’t. They could have moved it, I suppose, but more likely they stuck a historical plague on it and then shoved it into a dumpster.
      GPD Folks will remember it as the place Slippery Sam slept in that yellow Econ-o-Line van.

      • Mr. EOS didn’t give me a silver compass necklace for nothing! Give me more than “west side of North Street.” Do you mean about where the gate house to Conyers is now or where the LandSomething Realtor is or the OTHER west side of North?

        Directionally Challenged

        • Headed south (towards downtown Greenwich), the stand was on the right. You must have had a heck of a time doing the Pledge of Allegiance, what with all that “which hand over the heart?” stuff.

  2. South of Bville, West side of North Street where polo fields built to replace the ones we lost to PepsiCo in Corporate White Flight era. Brandt is just one of many to cash in on the horrific tragic events in NYC in the 60’s….
    Pear fields were replaced by polo fields.
    This pic may be the first modern Car Show !

  3. Anonymous

    Slippery Sam? Haven’t thought of him in 40 years. Did he really exist?

  4. AJ

    From 2010, and I had no idea:

    ‘For Richer or for … Not Quite as Rich’

    “EVERY era needs an emblematic tycoon, and for the age of the Great Recession, you couldn’t do better than Peter M. Brant.

    Never a figure of national renown, Mr. Brant has for years loomed large in that slender niche of American culture where vast wealth meets good taste and winter tans. In Savile Row suits and with plenty of alpha-male style, he spent the last decade quietly expanding his newsprint manufacturing empire, borrowing hundreds of millions of dollars and gobbling up mills until his company, White Birch, was the second-largest player in North America.

    By 2008, he seemed, like our economy, to be a spectacularly efficient money-making machine — a billionaire with a vast art collection and his very own polo team. His personal life appeared just as charmed. In 1995, the former Victoria’s Secret model Stephanie Seymour became his second wife, and the couple and their four children shuttled to homes in Greenwich, Conn., Sagaponack, N.Y., and Palm Beach, Fla. It all looked pretty glamorous.

    It looks different today.

    There is no telling which is now costing Mr. Brant more — his business or his marriage. …”

    “… Mr. Brant, 62, radiates baronial wealth …” [There you go: as just another example, once you go baronial, it’s the beginning of the end]


  5. AJ

    For all you gals up there in horse country:

    • AJ

      Guys can do it too (but be prepared to defend yourself — can you kick the sh*t out of three guys in 30 seconds or less, then maybe you should try something else):

  6. Anonymous

    For reference>

    The stone wall in the above picture is still standing in place.

    CJ and Folk had a speed trap there.

    Slip lived with his bro just up the street. He;d rather work the parking lots between the library and finest and the hill.

  7. GPD Folk

    The Conyers Farm stand was still there in the 80’s and as previously mentioned was taken down about the same time Brandt bought the property from Libby Rosensteil. The Finch’s Country Store is still there..I think, As for Slippery…… he was homesteading on Brandt’s property, living in the woods not far from the Banksville Shopping Center. Peter Brandt was said to have offered him a large chunk of money to vacate…but Slippery would have none of it…The end of the story is that GPD’s SRU Team had to go in and get Slippery to come out…which he did…it was after that you would see him downtown or at the library in his van. He was living with his brother in banksville

  8. FRF

    The debate about Conyers Farm is no longer.
    Now, what’s buried beneath the polo fields, still remains a mystery,..

  9. Flashback

    I seem to remember that the large sized lots were not just to keep the density down, but was a function of the urine output of roaming horses and the location upstream for the reservoir.

  10. Backcountry

    Brant lost his shirt in the newsprint business, but he still has plenty more. The art collection is worth hundreds of millions, as his his interactive game business (the “Grant Theft Auto” franchise, best selling video games of all time…)

  11. anonymous

    Libby Rosensteil Kabler’s ex husband Jamie is now an out gay man in Palm Springs CA, having briefly sold Porches in LA, and then promoting a Hollywood juice diet on TV infomercials.

    Peter Brant’s ex wife, Sandra, is now an out gay woman in a long term relationship with former Interview editrix Ingrid Sichy.

    Must be something in the water up there.

  12. anon

    thanks for the link to the history of conyers. does brant still own white birch farm?

  13. FRF

    Steph still getting alimony?? Aren’t they back living together?

    • Anonymous

      Correct, they did not divorce in the end. They must have worked something out ……