Sale and, finally, an accepted offer on 24 Marks Road

99 Stonehedge, an “as is” listing in King Merritt Acres  sold for full asking price, $875,000, in something like six days.

24 Marks Road

24 Marks Road

And over in Riverside, 773 days after starting out at $3.999 million, 24 Marks Road lowered its price to $3.225 and found a buyer. I’m just speculating, but if this house had started out in the mid threes, I think it would have sold sooner, for more. We’ll never know.


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3 responses to “Sale and, finally, an accepted offer on 24 Marks Road

  1. Anonymous

    Marks Road land lot was sold for $1.6mm in ’11. So the builders cashing in:
    Roughly $3mm x 2 – $1.6mm – cost of building two houses. Windfall?

  2. Walt

    Dude –
    Here is your opening speech for tonight. Can you wear an ascot, pink shirt and white pants so they take you seriously? And from now on, your name is Biff.

    Dear Ms. BO Chairperson:
    My name is Biff Fountain. I grew up in Greenwich, and lived here my whole life. Except for a brief stop in Maine, to determine if bears really do shit in the woods. My research was inconclusive.

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    Your Pal,

  3. Sound Beacher

    Walt: The meeting is not until Thurs., this e-mail came in today (and there was an attachment, too.)

    The schedule has been updated to include an additional Public Forum scheduled during the day on June 14th, and to notice a change of location for the June 6th and June 20th Board meetings.

    The next Public meeting/hearing with regard to this topic is:
    Board of Education Work Session
    Thursday, June 6, 2013
    Greenwich High School Auditorium

    The Public Comment Opportunities (BOE meetings, public forums & online comments) may also be found on the GPS Web Site at:
    View Board of Education Meetings and Public Forums on GPS-TV at (posted within approx. 24 hours after meeting):
    Review Documents at: