Two reported, 14 Bailiwick Circle, 516 North Street

14 Baliwick Circle

14 Baliwick Circle



14 Bailiwick sold for $1.150 million, which seems to be what houses  over there sell for these days.


516 North Street

516 North Street

516 North Street is a magnificent house, great location, yet fetched “just” $7,500,000. The owner, who can afford to take the hit, paid $9.630 for it in 2002 and put some real money into it after he bought. The market for huge houses in mid-country still breathes, but not as deeply as before.


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9 responses to “Sales

  1. anon

    Maybe North Street is getting redistricted to Hamilton Ave

  2. Broke Broker

    Anon: What’s wrong with Hamilton Avenue schools? Is your issue too much diversity? Hamilton Avenue has great teachers and the same cirriculum as the the other public schools in Greenwich.

  3. The New Normal

    Broke Broker,

    I think if you asked all Greenwich residents anonymously, almost 100% of them would pick North Street Elementary over Hamilton Avenue if given the choice; so fact is, there is a preference

    political correctness is killing society

  4. InfoDiva

    Bailiwick house went for 2x assessed value, so I don’t understand the snark about houses “over there.”