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From big to small, they’ll steal it all

Democrat National Convention organizers file false police report to scam insurance company.

ABC News:

The Democratic National Convention may be long over, but its organizers have not forgotten the almost half a million dollars worth of electronics they seem to have lost.

Organizers of the Charlotte, N.C., convention have filed a police report for lost and stolen electronics, some of which they appear to have valued at as much as 62 times the listed market prices.

A reportedly stolen 13-inch MacBook Pro laptop? $75,537. The price listed on the Apple website is $1,199. A lost iPhone? $30,503. A lost Blackberry? $54,250.

Other items reported to have gone missing at the convention included two iPads worth around $15,000 each, laptops listed at $40,000, $34,000 and $25,000 each, and other miscellaneous items worth far more than their list price.

The report claimed that 40 items were reported lost and one item – the most highly valued one, the $75,000 MacBook Pro – was stolen.

The apparently inflated prices were reported in May with the Charlotte Police Department by Kenneth Hardy, deputy in-house counsel for the Democratic National Convention Committee, on behalf of the DNCC Host Committee.

The report was filed almost eight months after the convention, when the losses supposedly took place.

The cost of the 41 missing electronics totaled $465,142.97, according to the police report.

That averaged $11,344 per item.

The only reason I’m aware of for filing a police report, especially seven months after the event, is because insurance companies require it before reimbursing a claim. The purpose for that requirement is to deter false claims, on the assumption that crooks will think twice before signing and submitting a false statement to the police. Of course, if you’re the Democratic National Party, you don’t have to worry about the consequences that might otherwise accrue, do you?


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Maybe Obama will sic the IRS on these unwashed hordes

"Evergreen" - Barbara Streisand does Malibu

“Evergreen” – Barbara Streisand does Malibu

New iPhone app shows beachgoers how to reach the public beaches of Malibu.  The billionaire Obama supporters (David Geffen is just one of them) whose third homes are on those beaches cry foul: “Malibu is very much not for the little people”, they wail, and post more phony no- trespassing signs.


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Imagine if they weren’t flying economy!

Advance team spreads out to check for presence of girls on the golf course

Advance team spreads out to check for presence of girls on the golf course

White House says the First Family’s upcoming $100 million week-long trip to Africa demonstrates the President’s determination to get “a great bang for our buck”  (I thought “buck” was a racist term, but I defer to the more heightened awareness of Barack’s handlers). Regardless, it’s rather awesome that this family of four can spend a week on safari for just $100 million – my own family’s trip cost almost twice that, and we shared just two bedrooms.

The Obama’s great African adventure starts in less than two weeks, on June 26th, but don’t worry about this crazy family being bored! This coming Monday, the Obama clan, with friends, will be jetting off to Ireland to spew carbon across the sky and see first hand the effects of global warming on Barry’s land of origin (that’s what he says is his birthplace; what happened to Kenya?). The expense of this vacation has not yet been disclosed, and we’re all still waiting for the announcement of when the “Month-off-at-Martha’s Vineyard” break begins. This man must be exhausted!

UPDATE: Seek and ye shall find. Michelle and the girls will be spending much of the summer on the Vineyard, with our president flying up (via Jet Blue?) for weekends and golf trips as his busy schedule permits.

UPDATE II: It occurs to me that the country could effect an economy if we bought a place in, say, the Maryland hills where presidents and their families could relax and vacation, instead of always having to book hundreds of hotel rooms for White House staffers and a large mansion for the First Family itself. Everybody put on his thinking cap and see if we can’t find someplace like that!

Camp Hussein

Camp Hussein


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Sad news from the legal front


And the rocket's red glare, the bombs bursting in air, Gave proof through the night that the fart was still there.

And the rocket’s red glare, the bombs bursting in air,
Gave proof through the night that the fart was still there.

Marshall University student  Louis Helmburg III, who claims he was injured when fraternity brother fired rocket from anus, filed suit too late, court rules.

No mention whether Marshall journalism  professor Christopher Swindell, who recently advocated the execution of NRA members for treasonous, “armed rebellion”, was advising  the frat boy on the proper technique for bottle rocket ass launching at the time of the incident, but there’s certainly something in the air down there in West Virginia.

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Guardians of our liberties

What does it matter anymore?

What difference does it make?

Burning Madoff sends along this story from The Hill: Most Senators skip NSA briefing on operation PRISM to catch flights home for Father’s Day.

A recent briefing by senior intelligence officials on surveillance programs failed to attract even half of the Senate, showing the lack of enthusiasm in Congress for learning about classified security programs.

Many senators elected to leave Washington early Thursday afternoon instead of attending a briefing with James Clapper, the Director of National Intelligence, Keith Alexander, the head of the National Security Agency (NSA), and other officials.

The Senate held its last vote of the week a little after noon on Thursday, and many lawmakers were eager to take advantage of the short day and head back to their home states for Father’s Day weekend.

Only 47 of 100 senators attended the 2:30 briefing, leaving dozens of chairs in the secure meeting room empty as Clapper, Alexander and other senior officials told lawmakers about classified programs to monitor millions of telephone calls and broad swaths of Internet activity.

The exodus of colleagues exasperated Senate Intelligence Committee Chairwoman Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), who spent a grueling week answering colleagues’ and media questions about the program.

“It’s hard to get this story out. Even now we have this big briefing — we’ve got Alexander, we’ve got the FBI, we’ve got the Justice Department, we have the FISA Court there, we have Clapper there — and people are leaving,” she said.

And there’s poor Edward Snowden, spilling his guts to the Red Chinese in the hope of exposing his country’s secrets. The Chinese may care; our senators don’t.

Mr. President did not leave town, or didn’t go far, anyway: he’s playing golf.


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Business Insider: If Eric Edward Snowden had watched “60 Minutes” 14 years ago, he’d still be living in Hawaii with his pole-dancing girlfriend and pulling down $200g a year.

The news show exposed our “Echelon”  program, a far more intrusive spy system that operated without judicial oversight. America didn’t care then, and probably wouldn’t care now except for the White House scribes’ national media’s need to distract the low-information voters from the 14 ongoing Obama scandals, especially the IRS’s cheerful participation in the White House’s attack on political enemies.


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Which is why I won’t be eating there

That's not just castor oil, it's medicine!

That’s not just castor oil, it’s medicine!

“Health food” restaurant Green & Tonic  places a tentative Birkenstock on Greenwich Avenue, and its owner/chef expresses his philosophy for the “plant-based food” (WTF?) he’ll be serving:

“We want people to feel better,” Jeffrey Pandolfino said. “Food should be like medicine.”

No word whether Green & Tonic will be combining forces with that other Cos Cob business specializing in high colonic enemas, but I’d think fruit roll-ups and carrot juice would be the perfect ingredients to squirt up ladies’ fannies.


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It’s a good year to run an independent slate here in Greenwich

Dig those deep blue eyes, John

Dig those deep blue eyes, John

Fresh from nominating a 20+ year-cult member to the School Board, local Greenwich Dems yesterday rejected their own chairman’s bid and that of their former candidate for First Selectman John Blankley to sit on the Board of Estimate and Taxation. Too fiscally conservative? The mind boggles, but when the rats start fighting and gnawing off each others’ tails, it’s a sign that there are too many of them.

Get out the D-Con.


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