Which is why I won’t be eating there

That's not just castor oil, it's medicine!

That’s not just castor oil, it’s medicine!

“Health food” restaurant Green & Tonic  places a tentative Birkenstock on Greenwich Avenue, and its owner/chef expresses his philosophy for the “plant-based food” (WTF?) he’ll be serving:

“We want people to feel better,” Jeffrey Pandolfino said. “Food should be like medicine.”

No word whether Green & Tonic will be combining forces with that other Cos Cob business specializing in high colonic enemas, but I’d think fruit roll-ups and carrot juice would be the perfect ingredients to squirt up ladies’ fannies.


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10 responses to “Which is why I won’t be eating there

  1. Greenwich Gal

    This business screams “massive profit margin” all over it! A juice is 7 bucks!

  2. AJ Nock

    I was very disappointed when they opened in the space of the defunct Tomatillo on Railroad Ave. I work nearby and was hoping for a Five Guys Burger or a branch of Super Duper Weenie. Who needs rabbit food?

  3. Anonymous

    I actually like the food at Green and Tonic every now and again, good to have some healthy options for take out. I hope a locally owned business succeeds. I still dream that Shake Shack will open in Greenwich though, maybe in that space further down Railroad Avenue that has seen two Asian restaurants come and go.

  4. Anon

    Looks like another Chinese will open in that Railroad Ave space, named Golden View.
    Green and Tonic does have great drinks…but their attitude…if only they were friendly…might have been able to get away with it.

    • dogwalker

      Are you finding that at both locations, Anon? I got the impression they wanted only super committed (or committed when it was convenient) vegan types to grace their establishment.

  5. Anonymous

    Have the folks posting here ever actually tried their products? I live locally; and one day decided to support the local business. I was pleasantly suprised; its healthy and it tastes damn good.

    I’m just saying to try before you bash.. For the record; I did steaks on the grill for father’s day …. so I am not a ‘health nut’; but I do try and eat healthy. Its a good concept and a good business.

  6. Cotswood

    Golden View will be very authentic Italian. Same name as their very successful place in Florence (I think). Name does sound Chinese, though.