And again

Global warming is real because I say it is

Global warming is real because I say it is

Stymied by Congress, on Tuesday Obama will move to shut down existing coal – powered energy plants through executive fiat. And anything else that stirs his royal brain.

The White House released a video Saturday of the president discussing the speech, in which he will lay out environmental actions that he will take on his executive authority, without relying on approval from a divided Congress.

U.S. Rep. Henry Waxman (D., Calif.), the top Democrat on the House Energy and Commerce Committee, said in an interview Saturday, “It’s important for the president to act because the Congress is still denying the science and is not about to pass any legislation. The president has broad authority to accomplish many reductions through regulation on his own, without Congress.”

One person briefed on the speech said the president would discuss a number of options for dealing with climate change, including approving more renewable-energy projects on public land and issuing energy-efficiency regulations. The Department of the Interior has a number of renewable-energy projects under review, while the Department of Energy is working on regulation of household appliances.


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9 responses to “And again

  1. Puke

    Watch the video, if you have a strong enough stomach. I couldn’t make it past three seconds.

    • AJ

      The forests and the Lakes? There he goes again, trying to confuse pollution with CO2. Nice clip: sort of like a little intro piece to a multi-level marketing crusader’s pep rally. Puke is right, and I raise you three barfs, some tossed cookies, an upchuck and a chunk blower.

  2. Is this a Goebbles franchise operation ?
    Same production outfit that did the IRS “training videos” ?

    • anon

      You are close. I believe it is a George Gobel production!! Although, on seco d thought, Obama has ZERO sense of humor so perhaps your assessment is the correct one.

      • Bring Back Johnny

        Great clip anon. Thanks for the laff. I adore Johnny Carson and the easy way he had of making his guests the stars – where are the Gobel, Hope, and Martin of today? Certainly no one I see on TV or in the movies.

  3. weakleyhollow

    Regulation of household appliances… what a great idea, Comrade.

  4. kiss my aston goodbye

  5. Anonymous

    you lost the election

  6. Moon Walker

    For fellow weather geeks and global warming deniers, there’s a fabulous website run by meteorologists called Watts Up With That. He had a pretty snarky article about Obama’s planned speech Tuesday. The irony: the day after he tells everyone else to conserve and give up fossil fuels, he and his entourage fly a fleet of planes to Africa. Talk about the pot calling the kettle negro.