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These are the people we’re now negotiating with?

Scaling Cadillac Mountain (renamed "Mercedes" for the president's visit to avoid unpleasant and politically-incorrect allusions)

Scaling Cadillac Mountain (renamed “Mercedes” for the president’s visit to avoid unpleasant and politically-incorrect allusions)

Taliban murders ten on one of Pakistan’s highest peaks.

“This was a one-off”, White House spokesman Jay Carney explained, “just a little bit of pent-up anger; now that that’s been released, the dialoguing with our new Afghan friends can continue serenely and to fruition.”


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Here’s a proposal all Democrats can get behind

Obsolete, irrelevant old white man

Not in today’s world

Britain revises its nation curriculum to drop study of historic national  figures. Gladstone, Disraeli and Florence Nightingale out, Rosa Parks in. After a last minute appeal by historians, Winston Churchill is retrieved from the trash heap of history.

A new draft presented to history teachers by civil servants sees extra topics from world history included while the prescriptive bullet-point regime has been turned into a series of suggestions.

The original plan said five-to-seven year olds should be taught the “concept of the nation”. This appears to have been dropped – with a new section suggesting they should be taught about “changes within living memory.”

Pupils in key stage 2 (those aged between seven and 11) and key stage 3 (between 11 and 14) will under the latest plans have to be taught a world history topic and “local history” alongside learning about British events and personalities. Primary school pupils could learn about “early Islam” or the culture of Benin in west Africa.

The Crusades, meanwhile, could be studied by younger secondary-school children.

Clive of India appears to have been dropped after Prof Schama described him as a “sociopathic, corrupt thug” who would be a compulsory part of a curriculum which was like “1066 and all that, but without the jokes.”

Other figures no longer expected to be compulsory for key stage 2 children include Newton, the scientist who formulated the theory of gravity, Christopher Wren, the architect of St Pauls’ Cathedral, Adam Smith, the Scottish philosopher and economist, and Olaudha Equiano, the anti-slavery campaigner. A list of prime ministers, including Thatcher, Gladstone, Disraeli and Clement Attlee no longer features.


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