And our politicians cry hosannah

John McKinney, R. Fairfield: "In the name of God, go."

John McKinney, R. Fairfield: “In the name of God, go.”

Sturm Ruger is apparently moving out of state. One of the true Connecticut success stories, Bill Ruger built this company from nothing to the fourth largest gun manufacturer in the country. Crazed gun nuts know that much its success was built on its line of .22 caliber rifles and pistols, used exclusively for target shooting and small game (rabbits, squirrels) hunting. Connecticut’s politicians, Republican and Democrats alike, have banned the purchase of such ammunition by anyone who hasn’t gone through a six-month application and background check. “These bullets may look small,” Greenwich’s Scott Frantz warned, “but they can grow into really, really big bullets – deadly! –  when stored in dark closets.” Governor Malloy, meantime, cheered news of Ruger’s departure: “That’s two evil-doing, wicked gun makers in two weeks”, he crowed, “hundreds of jobs leaving for Mordor while we will be just that much purer. Hip, hip, hooray!”


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26 responses to “And our politicians cry hosannah

  1. sunbeam43

    Malloy=complete dolt!

  2. Larry Mccain

    They need to come to Oklahoma or Texas. We will welcome them with open arms.

  3. Walt

    Dude –
    There is absolutely no reason to live in Connecticut today. It has lost all of its competitive advantage. The taxes are on par with New York. And we get nothing for them. Technology makes its proximity to New York irrelevant. You can trade anywhere. Our schools suck, and we support cultists (!!!) to lead them.

    Connecticut needs a major enema. We have a bloated government, an unsustainable welfare class, and a serious lack of hotties. We have three of the worst cities in the country. Every other state is kicking our nutmeg little ass!! WE SUCK!!

    Georgia beats us. GEORGIA!! Are you frigging kidding me? Let’s just admit we are losers, OK? We blow. We bite the big one. We suck eggs. We are dingleberries.

    Did you see “Man of Steel” yet? Wanna go?
    Your Pal,

    • Cos Cobber

      Its still an excellent state for surrounding oneself with self starters and high achievers. Its still a solid place to network and learn from others. Said advantage shall be stressed going forward. The state is not well positioned to help the middle and lower classes as our right to work labor laws, geographic bottleneck (hudson river) conspire to make it tough on the lower rungs. You’d be insane to build a labor intensive company here.

      • Anon

        CC: the young self starters I know are all children of extraordinary wealth. There is a plethora of 20-something’s starting NGOs, clothing, social media, travel etc web companies. That doesn’t come free and no matter your college degree, you rarely get off the ground without someone footing the bills. Makes the phrase Who’s Your Daddy all the more important.

    • Libertarian Advocate

      and a serious lack of hotties

      Walt: You may be wrong on that point. My 20+ year old sons tell me that the Biergarten in Stamford is chock-full of ’em.

  4. Riverslide

    Your tendency to make up quotes (which I assume you’re doing here) can be a little confusing, since, in most instances, the loons you’re writing about could very well say such things, it seems.

  5. Anony

    The CEO Michael Fifer told the company’s shareholders this past April they were staying in Connecticut. Where did you read they were moving?

  6. Im begging!

    Then please move!

    • This “love it or leave it” sentiment (ironically, first asserted against the anti-war types now so busy remaking the state in their image) is a knee jerk relation to criticism, but if the high achievers are driven from Fairfield County, who will pay for your utopia?

      • Cos Cobber

        CF, the grand plan of the govs of CA, IL, NY, CT and MA is to transfer all the state union pensions to the fed government in a grand reordering two recessions from now. See GM bailout X 100 for states.

        The high achievers will exit with ease with the sh_t really hits.

      • Libertarian Advocate

        [I]f the high achievers are driven from Fairfield County, who will pay for your utopia?

        Why Dullard Bill of course!

      • RealTorme

        My family has lots of “knee jerk relations”

    • Walt

      You are lucky to have me, you sand paper vagina crotch.
      When I decide to leave, the Dude will get my listing. Which means I ain’t going anywhere fast.
      So deal with it. You ignorant slut.

  7. Anonski

    Punxatawey Bill and his ilk will always have blame ready for someone else, that’s how they govern. CT will be an unrecognizable cesspool in just a few short years if we don’t get another party to counter the Demunists one party desecration of this state. Soon it will be too late and FFld Cty will empty out even faster.

  8. Anonymous

    Cos Cobber- I built a business here years ago and would not start one here now. I am currently a limited partner in two small funds that bagged Ct. for Florida. Sadly the Ct. door seems only to be an exit which the Malloy is pushing me toward.

    • Cos Cobber

      @ Anony, absolutely – our own firm has moved jobs to Florida and focused the back office hiring to FL. I cant even begin to imagine for anyone looking to start something not in finance, insurance, shipping, commodities or marketing why you would start up in CT. The future for low skilled or middle skilled people in this state is not bright. If you dont havea high margin buinsess, forget it.

  9. Walt

    Dude –
    I feel morose over my last post. Can you forgive me? I was a bad little boy. I feel guilty over calling ”I’m Begging!” an ignorant slut. Even though she is most definitely an ignorant slut, it was wrong on my part calling out an obvious retard. So I apologize. I should have called her Mrs. Ignorant Slut. You know she has a poor husband she tortures unmercifully, right? He comes home after working all day, and gets abused by a fat bitch on wheels. I pray for him. So I apologize to that vermin.

    And I may have disparaged you. Which I would never do. You frigging loser. I really will let you sell my humble abode. Have you ever actually sold a house? How hard can it be? You put some pictures up at the Stop and Shop, list your phone number, and drive people here. Pretty much it, right? I consider it a win if you don’t steal the silverware. Correct Paul Revere?

    Anyhows, I am thinking Phoenix. Better than Florida right? I am not a Jew so I am flexible. Mexico maybe? Donkey Shows!! Puerto Rico? WHEN YOU’RE A JET YOU’RE A JET ALL THE WAY!!!

    Your Pal,

  10. weakleyhollow

    Virginia is open for business, and we’re a “shall issue” state. Come on down.

  11. armonk

    My first handgun was a Ruger .22 single action.

  12. The Duke of Deception

    The Duke feels lucky that he met Bill Ruger some years ago, and that he owns a Ruger Red Label 12 gauge o/u. Maybe he should keep that latter part off the internet cuz, you know.

    The Duke is likely moving to NY State ( a really nice part), having discovered that the small advantage of residing in CT no longer really exists.