The Post’s headline writers hit the mark again

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July 5, 2013 · 7:22 pm

7 responses to “The Post’s headline writers hit the mark again

  1. anonymous

    Why read any other newspaper?

  2. housecat

    (I have to admit, the Post’s headlines are classics.)
    I realize communication is instantaneous these days, but there is no substitute for being a few minutes from the situation room when things blow up. The situation in Egypt had been clearly going in that direction for several days before the coup. What excuse could Kerry possibly have for slacking off? It’s not like this was a surprise – and now it’s worse. We have friends visiting family over there – just praying that they’re okay. Masshole for sure.

    • This is John Kerry we’re talking about here. The current White House might be an exception, but in most places his absence would raise the average IQ of the room, unless they’re discussing his one area of expertise — how to snag a rich widow. In an emergency, it would probably be more efficacious to have Drew Carey, Jim Carrey, Harry Caray, Carrie Fisher, Carrie Underwood, Keri Russel, Kerri Walsh, the late Kerry Von Erich, or even a block of Kerrygold Cashel Blue cheese. Especially the cheese. Yum.

      • housecat

        Liked your post. Agree that Kerry generally lowers the mean IQ level in any room – although the halls of Congress might be an exception.

  3. Anonymous

    Kerry would rename his yacht: “Queen of Denial,” but Hilary has already claimed it.

  4. Libertarian Advocate

    Something tells me that by the end of this term, the American people are going to loathe the elites and democrats everywhere are going to be very skittish.

  5. Greenwich Gal

    I know many who know him well – and his arrogance is beyond comprehension.