That great whooshing sound you hear is the money being sucked from your wallet

Platinum shovels and hardhats await (photo credit, Jason Rearick)

Platinum shovels and hardhats await (photo credit, Jason Rearick)

Construction begins for the Greenwich High Music Palace. 

Interesting note, spotted by NewsJunkie: not a single member of our government dared show his or her face for the start of this fiasco, and why would they? Four years from now, when the final numbers are toted up, no one’s going to want a picture of themselves cheering this on or being in any way involved with it.

On Monday, a row of hard hats perched atop gleaming shovels lay against a trailer near the construction site, props that would ostensibly be used during a groundbreaking ceremony. But no one claimed them for grinning photo-ops. Instead, Board of Education Chairman Leslie Moriarty ventured out at midday as the sole town official to pay a brief site visit.


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23 responses to “That great whooshing sound you hear is the money being sucked from your wallet

  1. Flash

    This is a pile of bulls—t
    Can I opt-out?
    I’ll pay 4XSewer Tax instead, better s–t

  2. NewsJunkie

    I like how GT has to sheepishly admit that no one associated with MISA wanted to take advantage of a photo op. Are they not proud of their commitment to this project? No one wants to take credit/blame?

    • Libertarian Advocate

      You can almost always count on politicians to be completely feckless except in their capacity to shun accountability.

  3. Riverslide

    Soon they’ll decide it is most cost efficient to replace the entire complex. But they’ll issue bonds for it, and as a result, tell us the total price tag doesn’t matter because on a per-year basis it will be more than worth it…

  4. anon

    This is the crock:

    Superintendent of Schools William McKersie said in a statement. “Unlike many districts, we have proven our excellence in music and performing arts prior to having a state-of-the-art facility

    Seems the priority is music not a academics. Goodbye Greenwich. Hello Anywhere else.

    • Riverslide

      Plus, how could we have proven our excellence in music and performing arts prior to having a state-of-the-art facility, when we’re told such a facility is necessary in order to achieve such excellence?

      Such a crock, as you said.

      • Libertarian Advocate

        Really. I’m fairly certain Mozart, Bach, Elvis, The Beatles and the Rolling Stones etc etc etc on and on indefinitely had no such palace to practice in as the mastered their instruments and skill sets.

        The kids don’t need acoustic perfection, just a hell of a lot of PRACTICE.

        How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Yeah, that’s right.

  5. Anonymous

    is it too late to sue to block it?

  6. Anonymous

    While I don’t support what MISA has become, I do see the need for a larger auditorium. The space could barley accommodate the families (two tickets each) for Eastern’s graduating class. Why has the word compromise been lost from everyone’s vocabulary?

    • Anonymous

      Surely you jest about the word compromise. The BOE refused, repeatedly, to ever consider a Plan B. That is, as the cost escalated from the original $22 million to the now $45 million—never—not once, did the BOE revise the plan downward.

      Oh, and in the meantime, they added a $20 million digital learning plan.

      Oh, and now they are “suddenly” realizing they have a facilities overflow at New Lebanon.

      In sum, please do not for once think these folks at the BOE work in the “real” world of finding a middle ground. No, they want it all.

      And, the Greenwich taxpayer has been none to willing (over 70% of property taxes are for schools) to comply not asking the board or superintendent for some accountability.

  7. Anonymous2

    Since when have the government schools been tasked with providing children with “excellence in music and performing arts”?

    Just another monument to the school board.

  8. Who oversees what the project eventually costs? Is there any independent accountant? Does the public have access to how the costs are proceeding, within budget or over? I might demand a MISA budget page website, where contractors are obliged to post their actual bids, how they are structured, what, if any, incentives the contractors have to stay on time and within budget, and what penalties they will incur if over budget and over schedule?

    Any fiscally responsible homeowner does this when renovating or building from scratch. All the more reason the BOE should do the same, and make it public.

    • Libertarian Advocate

      EOS: I see where your difficulty in understanding this mess. You expect RATIONAL conduct on the part of the BOE and its members.

      • But don’t they have accountability to anyone? Especially the residents paying for it? That’s criminal.

        • Ghost of the FAR Czar

          Since the BOE candidates here in Greenwich are basically elected once they are put on the ballot by the respective town party committees, the short answer is no, they aren’t accountable to anyone.

        • Ghost: My brother-in-law is an architect who has designed major university buildings and hospitals. The biggest, and toughest, part of his job, after securing the bid, is overseeing the budget and timeline. No corporation or university would ever agree to a project that had no accountability aspect. MISA must have an architect, and thus, hopefully, a person to whom the contractors are accountable. [fingers crossed]

        • Hopefully they’ll hire a construction manager in addition the architect.

  9. Balzac

    The most powerful force in town politics is the mommy-lobby. What they want, they get. When the daddy-lobby (aka taxpayers) finds its voice, excessive spending will end.

  10. Anonymous

    Decisions like this along with the states rhetoric is making my decision to move out of Connecticut easier and easier…

  11. Greenwich Taxpayer

    MISA is a travesty and every politician in Town knows it but none have the leadership to “just say no”. By the way, the BET Chair has been quoted many times as saying proudly that Greenwich actually has a surplus tax fund – shouldn’t that mean that we taxpayers get a refund of our tax dollars?