See if you can do better than a Greenwich tax assessor

Get out your arborist/silviculturist hat and take a look at this picture of Copper Beech just sent over by Mike Finkbeiner. Does that look like 28 acres of forest to you?  Our town’s thought so, for nearly 4o years.

UPDATE: Readers want a more current photo than the one on the bottom. Here’s Google Earth – still looks like an overgrown golf course to me. Either way, you won’t find Robin Hood skulking in wait for the Sheriff of Nottingham.

Screen Shot 2013-07-17 at 1.18.36 PM

Copper Beech / Greenways Forest

Copper Beech / Greenways Forest


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7 responses to “See if you can do better than a Greenwich tax assessor

  1. Cos Cobber

    When was that picture taken, in the age of zepplins and hot air balloons?

  2. Anonymous

    If you do a bing maps or google maps aerial picture it looks nothing like the picture you posted, it is much more grown in and forest like. How old is the picture above, just curious?

  3. CC, that was the 1934 zepplin photo. Minor detail, but the caption was omitted by our editor, who often doesn’t let details ruin a good story.

  4. Anonymous

    Its sure nice to know there are principled people out there like Mr. Finkbeiner. My hats off to you, sir.

  5. Indian Field Road ?
    As in field ?
    Can’t pass up the op to remind the Dutch named our Town over 100 years before the Brits…
    Grennwick was so because they found amazing gren (green) wick (fields) all the way to the edge of the coast….
    What was their tax rate ?
    What was the Brit. tax rate when the Boston Tea Party happened ?
    Time to Party ?

  6. anonymous

    Rudey’s going down.