Testing the Riverside madness


39 Hearthstone Drive

39 Hearthstone Drive

39 Hearthstone Drive has just been listed at $1.925 million. It sold for $1.450 in 2009. No mention of any improvements or changes since.


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51 responses to “Testing the Riverside madness

  1. Mickster

    Looks like a new kitchen – that’s worth $500K right?

    • The new kitchen range seems to be perched in front of a window – that’s one way to vent a range, I suppose, but I’d lower the cost of the kitchen re-do to no more than $495,000 because of it.

      • Jonathan

        In so many parts of the country a range in front of a window and the combustible trim around it is against code. Not so in Greenwich?

        • Long Time Central Greenwich Resident

          My Greenwich house has long had a fan, and I can never remember using it. I try not to get the stove too hot – one of my kids cracked the repairable corian countertops by making the stove too hot.

          Many high end companies sell fans that go inside fancy pieces of wood that are hoods or whatever else you call. them. The wood is lawful everwhere. You don’t need a metal fan above your stove – that is exclusively metal.

        • Jonathan

          Most wood enclosed fan hoods are ok because they are placed beyond the clearance required by code.

  2. Riverside Dog Walker

    Pictures are terrible (nothing new I know, what do you expect?). I guess if your target client is a builder looking for a tear down, that doesn’t matter. But if that is the case, not so sure about the price.

    I prefer the Murphy house you posted yesterday to this one.

  3. Toonces

    Big lot. enough FAR that a builder could put a 4.5 million dollar home here and some crazy person will buy it.

  4. Anonymous

    Given that a similar house on summit – main road on the train tracks sold for almost $1.8- this doesn’t seem so far off the mark. At least your kids can bike outside their front door. School is right across the street.

    I doubt this would go to a builder. This is likely going to someone who wants to be in Riverside, needs 4 bedrooms and can’t afford the new build specials. I say this goes for at least $1.85

    • Mickster

      Summit houses were much bigger – this is 2650 sq ft

      • Anonymous

        bigger?? but you have to hold on every time the train goes by?? really? you can tell me you’d prefer that? just plain stupidity.

        • Every single person I know who’s lived on the railroad side of Summit, without exception, has no problem with the trains. They come they go, quickly. While I haven’t lived in Riverside all of the pasty fifty-plus years, my experience dates back to 1954. As usual, the perception is inaccurate and over-stated.

        • Anonymous

          Mostly .30 acre deep lots – Sound Beach Ave houses get more traffic and noise. Train side now closing in on $2m ask – I’ll let the market decide. Whose stupid now?

  5. Anonymous

    This price seems crazy to me!!

  6. Riverside Mom of 3

    I bet it sells in a bidding war, there is nothing on the market. If a house directly on the train tracks goes for 1.795 in a week, this will sell. you can always re-build or add on but you cant remove the train. location location location.

    • Mickster

      Just FYI – this is one of if not THE busiest street in Riverside – far far more traffic than the train line

  7. Long Time Central Greenwich Resident

    The kitchen is really nice. The appliances are high end (I can see the Miele dishwasher and Subzero fridge) and the cabinets look like the type that comes with a lifetime warranty. Even if the warranty does not go to the buyer, a company like Woodmode (not sure what the cabinets here are) will keep them perfect for decades so you never need to replace them.

    This is also a traditional colonial, and colonials have always gone for a premium. The lot is good and in a good neighborhood. I can’t comment on whether the street has traffic as it is near the school, but it is not a main road.

    2009 was the bottom of the market . I would expect a property today to fetch considerably more than back then. If people spent a fortune on the kitchen (this one looks new and very expensive), on sprinklers, landscaping, windows, new furnace or roof, the listing would not necessarily highlight that. The pictures speak for themselves, the listing says so and buyers expect the mechanicals to be perfect.

    Yes this is smaller, but everything in Riverside / Old Greenwich is smaller. It would be $1.75 if it were 20% more than in 2009, and there may be improvements that bring up the value much more.

    • Mickster

      Good point – very little here in this price range. Supply and demand. Gone.

    • Jonathan

      While I agree on many of your points, I disagree about the kitchen. Those are basic and not custom inset cabinets.

      • InfoDiva

        And let’s not forget the car-vomit Home Depot granite.

        • Long Time Central Greenwich Resident

          What matters is that the kitchen cabinets look good (they look great in the pictures) and they last. There are semicustom and custom cabinet makers that give a lifetime warranty. Most important point is that they do not lose their finish after a few years and leave the buyer having to buy new cabinets. It is an important point to ask for the buyer because you want this kitchen to last as long as you own the house.

    • Jonathan

      Perhaps the first thing that those great cabinet makers should fix are those doors under the sink that appear askew.

  8. Anonymous

    I think they could have asked more, I know the house. Great location and not a flood zone.

  9. Anonymous

    Was there a special on taupe and gray when they did the kitchen? Looks utterly depressing.

  10. Riverside Mom of 3

    I like the playroom and the kitchen is small but it has a nice breakfast nook and great appliances. the grounds are well manicured. Hearthstone is a beautiful street, new sidewalk, whats not to like.

  11. Riverside

    Mom of 3 – are you the listing agent?

    • Riverside Mom of 3

      ha ha no but I live down the street so I hope it sells, good for my house value.

  12. Anonymous

    I don’t get it!! Why would anyone pay this price when they can get an equal or better house in mid country??!!

    • Born, raised and still living in Riverside

      Riverside has always commanded more per sqft than mid-country. It’s a wonderful community and I would not live anywhere else.

    • housecat

      I think the operative word here is school: Riverside Elem + EMS. For some reason, a lot of people in town don’t like Central. I have no idea why. (Never mind Western.) But many Riverside residents also say that they really like the neighborhood on top of that.
      That said, when ugly houses like this (IMO) go for prices like that, all I can think is: ugh.

      • InfoDiva

        I think the operative word here is actually homogeneity, which many folks seek in their neighborhoods and in their schools.

      • Anonymous

        Ugly can be fixed with some paint and new window trimmings, even a low IQ can have a little creativity or at worst pay someone to. Location, community, schools, train, no flooding, safety, bike or walk to everything cannot. Ive lived back country most of my life in a beautiful house twice the size with a pool. Doesnt matter how nice my house is I cant change the location it is desolate walk-bike to no where and takes me 15 min to get to town, if I could sell my house and buy this house I would in a heartbeat but back country has zero bids.

        • Long Time Central Greenwich Resident

          I can see buying near Greenwich in town to walk. Same may be true for Old Greenwich near the train. If you want to walk to a supermarket or a restaurant to pick up a little dinner, okay. You can take your walks on Greenwich Avenue or Old Greenwich in town. If you do not have kids in school, the walk in Riverside may be overrated. The village of Old Greenwich is nice, but Riverside – where is the village and how long does it take to walk there?

        • housecat

          I’ll assume, because you don’t actually know me, that the low IQ remark was meant generally. I don’t disagree that all those things you mentioned are huge plusses – I think they are as well. However, the fact that a 60s-style stock garrison colonial commands this kind of price is depressing. I realize we’re used to big numbers here, but $2.0M is a LOT of money, however you slice it. Our first house was one these things – I’ll bet good $ it’s the same plan. You can pretty up the exterior design, but (and we spoke to two architects about this), it will cost you big – after you just shelled out $2,000,000 bucks.
          Good luck with your house sale.

        • GreenITCH

          LTCG resident .. is anyone buying in downtown Greenwich ? thought that was for renters …can disagree with the walking aspect but don’t think its in the category of OG or Riverside ?

    • Anonymous

      Who wants to live in midcountry .. When you can live in OG / riverside and actually know your neighbors and feel a sense of community.

      • Martha

        I like mid country (even if it is cos cob, yadda yadda yadda). We wanted a sanctuary, with peace and quiet. We do have little children, but I don’t mind driving them around a bit, and I like the fact that other children don’t pop in on us unannounced. Maybe it’s because we are a little bit older….

  13. Anonymous

    IQ was meant generally, I apologize if it sounded otherwise. Im holding not selling, I believe mid-country back country will come back when all the the OG/ Riverside houses near the water have an increase in insurance premiums to an extent that it will make North Greenwich more desirable as it once was.

    • housecat

      I wasn’t entirely sure, but wasn’t really offended in any case. 🙂 Sounds like holding is the way to go right now. Hope it works out.

    • InfoDiva

      I used to think that way. But when my grown kids, who were raised in mid- and backcountry, told me recently that if they moved back to Greenwich to raise their families they would want to live in Riverside or OG, I realized that change had come. I believe backcountry will never come back as a coveted place to raise a family on four+ acres. As I suggested in another posting, backcountry may well become a second-home alternative location for NYC dwellers. If these young folks can’t handle two acres in mid-country to raise their families, then their peers who keep their main home in NYC won’t want 20 acres of rural isolation in Litchfield County.

      • Toonces

        That’s telling, InfoDiva – when the kids want to move to OG/Riv as adults. I think the other reason Riverside/OG is popular is that the large population of people being transferred from overseas, want the good schools (no time to apply for private). Though I prefer Central Middle, Eastern has the reputation.

  14. +Five

    Cabinets in kitchen are hideous.
    Nothing custom about them
    Counters almost look plastic and floors look like a DIY job.
    Cheap, pathetic, dark and gloomy.

  15. Anonymous

    The whole Riverside-is-just-so-wonderful thing in my view is very overrated and I know of many families who move from the city, buy in Riverside because of the hype about the neighborhood etc and then after two years or so they are sick and tired of seeing their neighbors everywhere they look. I realize it’s a personal decision, but it sure seems to be a hurd mentality. Same thing with the school. I can understand why people would go for Old Greenwich as it is nice to be close to the beach, but Riverside??? It really is nothing special.

    • Mickster

      I believe the expression is “herd mentality”.
      Don’t hate us because we love our community and school teachers.
      To say that people coming out of Manhattan apts to Riverside and get tired of seeing their neighbors is odd.

    • Anonymous

      The market does not seem to agree with you. Nor do I.

    • Toonces

      To anon who doesn’t understand the appeal of riverside/og: It’s the school for many, but for others it is the fact that kids (and adults like me for instance) can take their bike and go to town and go explore without hitting busy streets like Lake, North, stanwich, etc.. where it’s tough to bike because cars go too fast. I don’t have any young kids but I am drawn to OG riverside for that mobility. The tradeoff is it’s tough to find privacy unless you are spending 4 and up. Mid country has a different appeal, land/privacy and better values. My problem with mid country is that unless you buy an original house you find mostly newer homes that are too big unless you have a big family.

  16. Anonymous

    5 houses on this street are 3.5 mil new construction on smaller lots. I bet a contractor scoops it up.

  17. TownieGirl

    There’s not much (nothing?) around in Riverside or OG at this price point. And this is a good location. Despite it being a busy street I bet it goes fast. You can’t get into this part of Riverside at this price point in a (taste aside) updated house too often these days.

  18. I'm a dime-a-dozen

    Grew up in Riverside, parents decamped to mid-country as soon as we graduated from college and now, leaving NYC to start a family and gave my realtor the following criteria, 5 minute walk from Riverside/OG school, 10 min walk to Riverside/OG train station. I was told I was the norm. I’m 37 and work in finance in midtown

  19. Anonymous

    Personal opinion, this house will sell for $1.85M simply because of its walkability to the school, park and if you want to hoof it a little, the train. I do agree with earlier comments though that Hearthstone is a big cut-through street. Probably wouldn’t bother me as most people are local and drive through with respect, but if you live anywhere off lockwood and want to get to OG, this is the street you use, plain and simple. I’ve seen this house many times passing by and its nice…can’t hurt that huge houses are being built all around. This will not be bought by a builder IMO.

  20. Anonymous

    ok so scratch my above $1.85M number..i just saw the pics. With that tiny kitchen and dated master bath…this place will be on for a while unless its reduced. I’d venture a $1.68M final price.