July 19, 2013 · 2:08 pm

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  1. Mark B.


  2. CatoRenasci

    Picture Caption of the Year!

  3. anon

    S.E.C. Files Case Against Steven A. Cohen of SAC

  4. Far Right Winger

    Dittos Cato, it’s the picture caption of the year! Then there is home sweet home Chicago!

  5. anon

    Obama just spoke about Trayvon. Again. Said “he could have been me 35 years ago.” Shit, this president is all in for the Martin family. I wonder when they are coming to the WH for dinner. I hear the WH gives out party packs after each visit. Skittles!

    • housecat

      You know, I *get* that he feels the need to demonstrate his empathy toward African-Americans, but statements like this just annoy me. We grew up in the same city, went to the same school, and let me tell you something – FAR, FAR more people looked like him than looked like me. When I read some excerpt from his book, where he talks about how some red-headed girl at school asked to touch his hair (because it was so different), I literally was like “say what? Where was this girl from? Because if she was a little white girl growing up in Hawaii circa 1975, half the state had Afros! It’s not like it was a novelty hair style or something.” of the two of us, I can assure you that I was far, far more likely to have been threatened, beaten up, etc over my skin color than he. There was no “Kill Black People day” in public schools back then – still isn’t. But “Kill Haole (white person) day”? Yep.
      I am now on officially on board with those who consider him a phony – although this is a pervasive disease amongst all politicos, frankly.
      Please forgive the rant…

    • CatoRenasci

      Obama’s latest was gobsmacking!

  6. burningmadolf

    Dude is really trying to start some shit.

    • Anonymous

      The lapdog media is going all fruit loopy in love over his statements. Msnbc calling it “courageous”. Sharpton calling it historic.

      • anon

        CNN calls his comments BREAKING NEWS! Love isn’t a strong enough word for the media fawning. Go read the comments in the NYT article about this story. 99% say, we love you Mr. President. You are the best.

    • CatoRenasci

      I used to think Obama would set race relations back 50 years. No, he’s going to set them back over 180 years! It’s as if he wants the New Black Panthers, and other blacks, to pick up where Nat Turner left off in 1831!

  7. Walt

    Dude –
    Barry comments on a teenage black thug, and implies he was killed by a racist, WHICH HE WASN’T, but has no comment on a murdered US Ambassador in Benghazi? Why not look into that, you racist little fascist? Not you Dude, Barry.

    Why not look into the ATF agents killed by the thug Holders “fast and furious” illegal gun running program? LOOK INTO THAT YOU JUG EARED COMMIE!!

    Why not comment on the Saudi’s horrible treatment of women, or the vulgarity of Muslim Sharia law, and their hatred of Christians? Why not comment on THAT you Wookie loving slob.

    This President is the most divisive President in history. He wants to tear this Nation apart, and start a race war, just like his mentor, Bill Ayers taught him. Then they trample the first and second amendment out of existence, have their own army in the DHS and NSA, and ball game over.

    He should be telling people to respect the justice system. They may not like the verdict, but they need to respect it. We are built on a system of law and order. The jury carried out the law. Period. Instead he is using the system to advance his own perverted beliefs.

    He is setting race relations backwards, not forwards. It’s despicable.

    Do you agree, you lily assed white little WASP?

    Your Pal,

    • TheWizard

      Black people as victim. What a forward thinker we have for a president.
      What an inspiration.
      Hope and change my ass, more like Jesse Jackson without the creepy mustache.

  8. burningmadolf

    Since every Podunk town in America has either a PT boat or armored vehicle they’ll have to use them at some point. Remember Boston. Imagine to what extent the government would go if they claimed a war within the boarders was eminent.
    Go to the Lenco site: http://armoredtrucks.com/
    And see how they are using the shut down of Watertown and Boston as a sales pitch.
    The O-man is a puppet.

  9. Peg

    Read the NYTimes editorial today – along with the comments – if you want to upchuck supper.


    • I was tempted to click on it, Peg, but I saw the “president-obamas-anguish” bit and thought, why bother reading what any one of us here could write as parody, when ours would be funnier?

    • burningmadolf

      I looked quickly but I knew it would be HuffPo on roids. Those people (the commenters) are the reason to own a gun. It’s no surprise that the liberals in MA never batted an eye during the search for the marathon bomber, they are f’n sheep.

      • Anonymous

        Did you actually read the comments?

        • burningmadolf

          You mean like this one:
          “I have never been more proud that I voted for President Obama not once but twice. I am a senior white male who grew up in the South many years ago but left as a young man.
          Secondly, I think this is one of the finest editorials the Times has ever published.”

  10. Anonymous Citizenette

    Our pres sure is one angry dude with a big giant chip on his shoulder.

    • Cy Nic

      I wonder what Barack and Michelle tell THEIR children? Watch out for the Vineyard preppy if his collar is up. Watch out for the secret service dude sitting next to you at a Beyoncé concert. Be careful when you board AF-1.

  11. Guyana


    Here is the article from your favorite newspaper, why don’t some of you actually read the comments. You may be surprised by what you read.

    • Anonymous

      The predictable apologia for white guilt and rationalization of faux victimology from the soft-headed readership of the NYT? Those comments?

    • I’m sorry, I could only get through the first handful of comments, all predictable – do they improve further down?

    • burningmadolf

      I like this one:
      “Here is the president doing exactly what I expected him to do when I voted for him the first time–speaking frankly about the world we live in, with compassion and his unusually profound perceptivity. “

  12. Peg

    The scary thing is that there are a WHOLE PILE OF PEOPLE OUT THERE who truly do think that the Times editorial is THE most profound stuff they’ve ever read. And they seem to know not a scintilla of history, of what life was like when we had slavery or Jim Crow, (or that slavery has occurred throughout the planet – and still goes on in a number of spots). They seem to have no concept that although there is still racism and hate, that our laws now protect people’s civil rights, rather than dismantle them – and that many people – many white ones – fought and literally died to improve our nation from how it used to be.

    They seem to not be aware that today, we see black folks in literally every aspect of society; CEO’s, physicians, lawyers, beloved entertainers & athletes, journalists, billionaires, PRESIDENT – and a strong black middle class. Too many of the same idiots who are applauding the president for his “brave statements” think that a big percentage of blacks live in the ‘hood and have been deprived their entire lives … when this is not the case at all.

    Way too many people actually make their living keeping the hate and racism alive… so quite the contrary – they are not stirring all this “I am Trayvon” BS in a hoodie up because they are so upset about this one young man who was killed – but because if race relations improve even more, their gigs will be over.

    Where is the gnashing of teeth about the hundreds of young black people who are killed in the city of my youth, Chicago – people killed by black on black crime?

    As someone who grew up when blacks really were constantly abused and denied and mocked … it fries the hell out of me that they do not acknowledge the immense progress that we’ve made.

    • Walt

      Dude –
      Peg hits on a most interesting point. Racism is in fact a business. It has made Jesse Jackson and Reverend Al incredibly wealthy. Plus they can use it to make themselves above the law. They can do and say anything that they want with impunity!! No repercussions. How cool is that!! It’s a license to steal!! HYMIE TOWN!!

      It may be the greatest financial scam ever invented!! And they aren’t even Jews!! Those magnificent black bastards!! Pretend to have a racial issue + pretend to try and help “your” people = INCREDIBLE FAME AND FORTUNE!! These guys are BRILLIANT I say!! And they attract a ton of trim!!

      We need to ramp up The Fountain of Hope™. The religion business is the place to be!! Any chance you are black? That would help a lot. But if not, we can work around it.

      You need to become a Reverend. I think that is the key to this whole scam. Do you know how to do that? Hopefully it doesn’t involve pre-pubecent Altar Boys.

      Investigate and report back.

      Your Pal,

  13. anonymous

    So many missed opportunities with this president. A complete waste of time.

    • just_looking

      wrong. he has not missed any opportunities to forward his agenda. What I think you mean is if we had the right president there have been plenty of opportunities to steer this country back on track.

      • Peg

        Unfortunately, Obama is accomplishing a great deal. Destroying the institutions and values that have made this nation great.

        I only wish we had someone in office right now who was simply “wasting time.” Enormous improvement!

  14. Mike Rotch

    It seems to me that the Presidents opinion on this matter is TOTALLY IRRELEVANT. It was a State of Florida case, having zero to do with the federal government. Obama, go smoke some cigarettes. Tell me your brand, I’ll send you a carton.

  15. Balzac

    This Regressive Watch page is a joke. The sponsor, Mr. Threadgill, simultaneously accuses the conservatives of not reading books, while praising himself for imitating the style of Wm. F. Buckley, Jr.

    Mr. Threadgill: please try to think before ranting. The whole POINT of Mr. Buckley’s work and life was to show that the intellectual energy, the IDEAS, are on the conservatives’ side. Which liberal said recently that it is the liberals who are book-less these days?

  16. Balzac

    Detroit has gone bankrupt, and Obama didn’t bail it out with federal money.

    Do we expect to see a Detroit Free Press headline “Obama to Motown: Drop Dead”, just like the famous NY Daily News headline from 1975 “Ford to City: Drop Dead” ?

    I guess not. After all, the media only pursues aggressive reporting when it’s a club for beating on Republicans.

    Your media is busted, example # 864,038.