Corey Kupersmith bites the dust

11 Hurlingham Drive

11 Hurlingham Drive

Mr. Kupersmith, last heard from on these pages back in March, 2012 when his Martha’s Vineyard development was foreclosed on, has now lost his Conyers Farm residence at 2 Cowdray/ 11 Hurlingham Drive. The latter is scheduled to be sold at auction on August 25th, suggested bid $4.6 million, which is not a bad-looking price for 11 acres, 11,000 square feet of house in need of repair, horse stalls, pool, tennis court etc., This last sold in 1999 for $8,900,000 and was listed as recently as November, 2011, at $16,250,000. The fact that there are no interior shots in that 2011 listing suggests that the house needs a lot of work, but hey, it’s got Parkway and Central as its schools, so what else do you want for $4.6?

The auction description is here. It does a have a few pictures of the interior but they aren’t particularly enlightening. I’d go with the assumption that the place was built 27 years ago and in the past decade or so the owners have gone through divorce, economic disaster, bankruptcy, and endless litigation, so maintenance of this property was probably er, “deferred”. Bring your checkbook and your builder.

UPDATE: If you’re curious, the marriage notice for the unfortunate Mr. Kupersmith, 1991, is here.



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30 responses to “Corey Kupersmith bites the dust

  1. anonymous

    Listing says Byram Hill schools (Armonk). Either over the NY line in Conyers, or inaccurate.

  2. Anonymous

    Any idea of the debt held on this place? If its like a normal foreclosure auction the bank is going to bid up to this value anyway so they are usually a waste of time.

  3. anonymous

    How did Corey go from this in 1991:

    Mr. Kupersmith, 31, publishes medical reviews and newsletters in Greenwich. He graduated from Boston University and Massachusetts College of Pharmacy.

    ….to buying, owning, developing millions of dollars in properties? Where did the seed money come from. Or who did he bilk or con?

  4. anonymous

    How can you declare bancruptcy if your stated assets are equal to or greater than your stated debt?

    • I saw that too. Knowing nothing about bankruptcy law, I’ll punt. Readers?

      • Publius


        You can file for bankruptcy if you cannot meet your current obligations as they come due. Typically when assets > debt you are asset rich and cash poor or the “stated value” of your assets are more fiction than fact. Declaring bankruptcy provides a legal line of defense from the Visigoths who are owed money. Not uncommon to see this.

  5. anon

    In the overhead photos of this property on Bing, there looks to be a GIANT cell tower right near the house. would it be for personal use? I can’t imagine verizon or at&t would get permission from conyers residents to build within the compound. anyone know what it is?

  6. Long Time Central Greenwich Resident

    Even 10 years of deferred maintenance might not be bad. Unless water seeped into the building or something drastic like that, most of the maintenance can easily be deferred. It does not take a builder to fix most of the stuff that is deferred.
    Honestly most people do not live in picture perfect houses where everything is brand new.

    • anon

      but look very closely at the photos in this zillow link listing. the barn siding is in bad shape. the master bath windows and ceiling look moldy. the driveway is overgrown with weeds. the white fence and gates need a good coat of paint. not to mention the lack of good taste in any room of the house to begin with. i’d tear it down completely. it’s got bad juju.

      • Accolay

        And yet you also have a cell phone tower in your backyard.

      • Long Time Central Greenwich Resident

        All easy things to fix without spending a lot. If someone could get this spread for $4.6, they could laugh all the way to the bank and sell at a big profit when backcountry comes roaring back.

  7. Accolay

    Has anyone in the history of Conyers ever sent their kids to public schools?

  8. State mandated:
    Planning (no Town Plan planning)
    Forced neighborhood ruining busing
    Section 8 housing dumped into neighborhoods
    oh well….
    CELLTOWERS !!!! in a park given to the Town (50% of which was sold at cozy less than 24 hour auction notice)
    Just speculating, this may be toothpick in the eye cocktail party grass roots wake up time for landowners
    It worked on The Vineyard…
    Or ‘how ’bout “affordable” housing complex in Conyers…..?
    Speculators to the rescue as in Cos Cob….
    Who is bankrupt, this misguided dreamer at auction or the Town’s mindset ?
    RPA/SWRPA just issued edict…high rise housing (affordable not adorable) near ALL TRAIN STATIONS taller than cell towers….

  9. anonymous

    Not being sold for 4 mil.. suggested opening bid.

  10. Greenwich Gal

    So – anyone know – did Kupersmith blast through his entire fortune of 110 mill. on that golf course dream? Is he personally bankrupt? What is he doing now? I hear he is a most loathsome individual.

    • Anonymous

      But Tara is quite nice. And a stellar tri-athlete. They’ve been divorced since 2004 which proves she is also smart. If he pissed away his fortune he did so all on his own. I don’t know how she supports herself and the children unless she got a lump sum settlement from Corey before he went belly up.

  11. Anonymous

    I’m surprised no one noticed this: “Paramount Realty USA proudly presents a truly once in a lifetime opportunity to purchase a mansion with virtually every amenity, nestled in the world-renowned and ultra-exclusive enclave of Conyers Farm, a private gated community home to the infamous Greenwich Polo Club.” Obviously the writer had misused the word “infamous,” but how ironic is it that he in fact used the proper word. I remember watching one game in which the Greenwich team had one member who had gone to jail for tax fraud, and the other was banned from the sport of show jumping for the killing of his horses for their insurance money. How ironic that a Greenwich team was made of up characters that would make Kobe Bryant embarrassed to be associated with it.

    • A fe years ago I saw an ad for a New Jersey mobster-syle house that boasted of “an intimidating mahogany front entrance” – I assume the writer was trying for “imposing” but as you point out, there’s often inadvertent truth in advertising.