And he’s back!

22 Welwyn

22 Welwyn

22 Welywn Road, Riverside, has a contract after two weeks. Asking $2.499 million which given all the improvements/renovations detailed in the listing, seems pretty reasonable for this street. The half-acre it sits on is probably worth close to $2 million, so ….


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7 responses to “And he’s back!

  1. anon

    I don’t get your headline. Who’s the “he” who is back?

    • The guy who writes this blog – he occasionally leaves his cave to peddle real estate and attend to the affairs of life (if he had a life).

      • anon

        with iphones and ipads, does anyone really leave? I think not, therefore, no need to declare you are back. Deep thought of the day.

  2. Anonymous

    Looks like owner paid $1.8 for in it in 2010…nice profit for 3 years …

    • A lot of renovations performed. I’m sure he’s making money (I hope he is, it encourages such projects) but a lot of the “profit” was spent on those improvements.

      • Anonymous

        I don’t think we need to encourage “preservation” of 1950s ranch houses.

        • Well it’s something to be encouraged if we want to keep at least some houses in town relatively affordable. Hearthstone Drive in Riverside, for instance, has been transformed from a street with $1.2 -$1.4 million homes, for instance, to a $3.4 million dollar street. Nothing wrong with that, but some kind of economic and age diversity is desirable, in my personal opinion. You may disagree, which is fine, and you may be right, but that’s the explanation for my comment.