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Back on the market

Burning Tree. Frye Lake83 Burning Tree, asking $2.550 million, had an accepted offer last month and nothing today. Its listing verbiage admits “this house is ready for a face lift” and really, 1961 will not go down as the pinnacle of the builder’s art – I hear the rumble of a bulldozer in this home’s future.

But it’s 2.5 acres right on Frye “Lake” – sloping yard, but a yard nonetheless, with beautiful views. I don’t know what its land value is but at some price, this is a wonderful building site.


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Will your kids grow up weird if you home school them?

PJ Media says yes.

Nature or nurture?

Nature or nurture?

If you were the homecoming queen who was named Miss Congeniality in your high school yearbook and went on to have a daughter who followed in your footsteps, you will have a very specific image in your mind of how a “normal” high school kid should look and act. Likewise, if you were the gym rat who majored in football.

On the other hand, if you were the shy, shaggy-haired boy who eschewed grooming and spent your high school lunch hour playing Dungeons and Dragons, your categories for “weird” and “normal” will skew a little differently than Joe Football’s categories. Beauty and normal are in the eye of the beholder. And contrary to the persistent Duggar-style stereotype, homeschoolers come in all shapes, sizes, and personality types. There are the jocks, the hipsters, the computer geeks, and the goth kids (although you will find plenty who actually are just like the Duggars).

Ultimately, “weird” people exist in every walk of life, regardless of the child’s educational background. My personal (admittedly anecdotal) theory is that children generally turn out to be a lot like their parents, regardless of whether or not they attended school….

So will your kids grow up to be weird if you homeschool them? Yes, definitely. Someone — right now, this very minute — thinks you are weird because you are not like them. And someone will think your children are weird for the same reason. But the way you choose to educate them will not be the cause.


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15 Pell Place sale


15 Pell Place

15 Pell Place

In Riverside, overlooking Binney Park, $1.780 million. The listing shows 47 days on market but that’s just how long it took to accomplish all the inspections and paperwork necessary to reach contract. In reality, this place was sold just about the second it hit the market. So quickly, in fact, the the listing agent didn’t even have time to take interior photos nor, as it turned out, did she need to.

Sold for $1.695 last July, 2012.

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The only person imprisoned by our government for the Benghazi attack is released from jail

Well someone has to hang - you think that'll be me?

Well someone has to hang – you think that’ll be me?

Nakoula Nakoula out on supervised release and is writing a book.  Hillary Clinton, who blamed Nakoula’s video for the death of Ambassador Chris White and three others was unavailable for comment. Mr. Obama, who sicced his Justice Department on Nakoula, is out in California prepping for an appearance tonight on Jay Leno.


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Obama still says this was “workplace violence”

Would your president lie to you?

Would your president lie to you?

Not an act of terrorism or war: “workplace violence”, because Obama defeated Al Qaeda, remember? That’s why he can go golfing when the scaredy cats under him have shut down 19 embassies for the week. “That’s about getting the phony NSA  scandal off my back,” Obama reassured Malia this morning, “not because there are any terrorists left in the world.”

Hasan, speaking in a heavily fortified courtroom in Fort Hood, took less than two minutes to present his own opening statement — and did not deny that he was the killer.

“The evidence will clearly show that I am the shooter,” said Hasan, who was shot by officers responding to the attack and is paralyzed from the waist down and confined to a wheelchair.

“Evidence will show I was on the wrong side of America’s war and I later switched sides,” Hasan said. “We in the mujahideen are imperfect beings trying to establish a perfect religion … I apologize for any mistakes I have made in this endeavor.”


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Two sales, two losers

Sellers didn’t make what they’d hoped to on these.

bedford Road: Greenwich address, Port Chester prices

Bedford Road: Greenwich address, Port Chester prices

59 Bedford Road, 2006 construction on four acres and convenient to the Westchester border, asked $3.595 million in 2012 and sold yesterday for $2.610 (that’s $985,000 less than they wanted, Walt).




11 Byram Dock Street

11 Byram Dock Street

And that’s chump change compared to 11 Dock Street in Byram, which started out as new construction in 2007 at $4.695 and, with time out for the occasional rental, finally sold for $2.595. The builder paid $2.150 for the land in 2006, and isn’t he sorry he did.


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But they’ve already got one at Wesleyan – can’t they share?


It's right up the road from Yale, if I remember

It’s right up the road from Yale, if I remember

Middletown approves dope factory in town.


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Greenwich Democrats announce their candidate for First Selectman and he will probably be an improvement over what we have

Samaparna Tamm greets her new running mate

Samarpana Tamm greets her new running mate

If the Democrats have their way, two-term mayor of Dorset, Minnesota, Bobby Tufts. will take the helm in Greenwich come November, according to a press release issued exclusively to FWIW this morning. Mr. Tufts has commitments in Dorset – attending kindergarten is just one of them – that will prevent him from serving in Greenwich full time, but as Peter Tesei has demonstrated over his own three terms, that’s not a handicap.

So congratulations to Democratic party chair Francis Fudrucker: he dug deep, and came up with a candidate even better than his choice for School Board, Samarpana Tamm.


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Next he’ll run for the school board as a Democrat

What else could I do?

Aren’t my kids as special as Malia and Sasha? You bet they are, and I’m special too.

Matt Damon, passionate supporter of public schools, will be sending all five of his children to private school when he moves to New York: “I have no choice”. 

No, Matt, the people who have no choice are those who can’t send their children to charter schools.

Greenwich Democrat and BOE appointee Ramadamadingdong Tamm, proud parent of a Greenwich Academy graduate, was unavailable for comment.


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They probably don’t have to buy ObamaKare insurance either

Colorado legislators are immune to the speed cameras they voted in for the Little People. Oh, and they also aren’t bothered with parking tickets.

Same thing’s going on in California, but the immune class extends all the way down to – surprise! – municipal unions.

If you dream of never paying another traffic ticket for the rest of your life, become a government employee in California. The OC Register reports that, thanks to a long obsolete program, hundreds of thousands of drivers in California can run red lights, drive down toll lanes without paying, and park illegally—with total impunity.

Those drivers have special license plates that were introduced 30 years ago to ensure police anonymity and protection; cars bearing them are registered without any home address appearing on DMV records. They eventually became unnecessary once laws were passed making all DMV information confidential. But the plates have since become a widespread perk of government employment: hundreds of thousands of judges, district attorneys, jail guards, National Park Service rangers, city council members, city attorneys, lawmakers, and other officials who face little threat of being targeted by criminals now enjoy the privilege:

“They’ve exempted themselves from the rules they’re enforcing,” said Chad Dornsife, director of the Best Highway Safety Practices Institute. “They know it, is what’s really sick about this. This isn’t some surprise that when the camera comes out they don’t have to worry about it.”…

The plates have sometimes served as a perk negotiated by unions for members:

In some cases the secret plates have been negotiated as part of a labor contract. For example, museum security officers were added as part of an employment agreement with the state’s public safety union in 2001.

Officials can pass the plates to spouses and children, keep them when they retire, and can even retain them for three years after switching  to private sector work. And government oversight is so ineffectual that protected plates have been obtained by people with no connection whatsoever to government employment. One woman with the plates was found not to be a government employee nor related to one. She committed 411 violations without penalty.


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It’s early, but this will probably be the oddest story of the day

ABC newsman who thought he was a girl since 1999 discovers it was all just a hormone imbalance, and has now ditched the heels and training bras and gone back to being a man. Hey, testosterone shots probably work better than being locked in a room with a bible.


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