Greenwich Democrats announce their candidate for First Selectman and he will probably be an improvement over what we have

Samaparna Tamm greets her new running mate

Samarpana Tamm greets her new running mate

If the Democrats have their way, two-term mayor of Dorset, Minnesota, Bobby Tufts. will take the helm in Greenwich come November, according to a press release issued exclusively to FWIW this morning. Mr. Tufts has commitments in Dorset – attending kindergarten is just one of them – that will prevent him from serving in Greenwich full time, but as Peter Tesei has demonstrated over his own three terms, that’s not a handicap.

So congratulations to Democratic party chair Francis Fudrucker: he dug deep, and came up with a candidate even better than his choice for School Board, Samarpana Tamm.


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33 responses to “Greenwich Democrats announce their candidate for First Selectman and he will probably be an improvement over what we have

  1. CatoRenasci

    That link at the end of the article is not nice… but it certainly got a “peal of derisive laughter” out of me.

  2. loveablewhackjob

    “The First Selectman shall be the chief executive officer of the town and the town agent and shall devote his full time to the duties of his office.”

    Greenwich Municipal Code
    Section 217 (b)

    • Town employee

      In Teseis defense the First Selectmans job is not full time.

      • At $126,000 plus, it pays like one – or two.

        • Cos Cobber

          100k? He doesnt even crack the top 100 highest paid in town, right?

          • loveablewhackjob

            The point is there are legal requirements for First Selectman. One of them is “the First Selectman shall devote his full time to the duties of his office.”

            Maybe, just maybe, one of the problems with this Town is it’s being run as a hobby by amateurs who have no idea what they’re doing. We have a $400,000,000 a year budget, and absolutely nobody in officialdom has the slightest idea where that money goes.

            We seem unable to attract even a single qualified applicant for the full-time job of First Selectman:

            Sec. 217. First Selectman; powers and duties.
            (a) All administrative functions relative to police,
            fire, highways, sewers and other public works, build-
            ing inspection, parks, recreation, law, human re-
            sources, parking services, fleet management, informa-
            tion technology and purchasing for such purposes,
            shall be divided, under the supervision and control of
            the First Selectman, among administrative depart-
            ments which shall include the Department of Police,
            Fire, Public Works, Parks and Recreation, Law, Hu-
            man Resources, Parking Services, and Fleet Manage-
            ment. The First Selectman shall have the supervision
            and control, and shall be responsible for the adminis-
            tration, of all the affairs of the Town in respect to such
            departments, and may fix and determine the internal
            organization of such departments, the number and
            kinds of offices and positions, the methods of proce-
            dure and, subject to appropriation as otherwise pro-
            vided by law, the rates of compensation.

          • Bobby Tufts will do at least as good a job for a couple of lollipops and a Batman comic.

        • Advid reader

          I think the Selectman however only make 12 K. Theis works at Wells Fargo and Marzullo works for GEMS

  3. Concerned citizen

    Whoever the mystery candidate to run against Tesei turns out to be in the end will be good. The DEMS want him out and the Republicabs want someone new. Tesei has been an active member of Greenwich town government since he was 18.

    Maybe the mystery candidate is Frank himself or better yet Lin Lavery. Wouldn’t that make for an interesting election season.

    • DEM in the know....but don't know this one

      Do we know who this mystery person is yet? Marzullo or Francis please respond! Who will be Drew Marzullo’s running mate?

      • DTC member

        It is not going to be this Stephanie chic who Francis practically begged to act as a stand in. Even he knows how disasterous that would be. Tesei might enjoy running against her but Francis knows she is not qualified. She is even on record in multiple papers saying she does not know the issues, does not have a platform and is looking for an exit strategy. Come on Francis I know you read this blog who is it? I hear from multiple sources it is an RTM member from district 7??

        • Democrat

          Well obviously Francis doesn’t care because GT online ( just posted ) has this Stephanie girl saying she will be running against Peter Tesei ( well almost .. She said she will make up her mind Thursday.) No comment from running mate Marzullo anywhere. Stephanie girl was forced to step in, has no clue, doesn’t know the issues and wanted out until now. Great choice DEMS! She has my vote! Not!

          I see Marzullo running for the hills.

      • Independent voter

        Francis is that stupid to run her. He just wants a body!

  4. Anonymous

    What would be the Democratic platform? There isn’t an expense or cause that crowd-pleasing Tesei won’t promote.

    MISA. Yes.
    Nursing home. Yes
    Byram Pool. Yes
    New Fire Station. Yes
    Rich labor union contracts. Yes. Yes.
    NO headcount reduction. Yes. Yes
    $1 year leases to Friends and Family. Yes Yes Yes

    Please, would love to hear from a Dem (dollar Bill?) on what in heavens could Tesei offer not currently being offered to the people?

  5. Anonymous

    Oh good grief, really? A shakedown? Where, planet pizza?

    By the way, read this article for a few laughs. While it’s dated, at the time it must’ve been reassuring for residents to know that the town’s Emergency Director didn’t know anything about the physical status of the Pemberwick dam or even who owns it. Quality employee right there.

    “They had so many dam calls up state where they actually had failures, they haven’t been able to come here,” he said. “They will have an inspection team on Monday. The dam is privately owned, Warzoha said, but he doesn’t know who the owner is. “The responsibility rests entirely with the property owners,” he said about repairs or actions that may need to be taken.”

    • I’d guess that with annual inspections of buildings for fire code violations, there’d be an opportunity or three to pocket some cash instead of writing up a ticket or even shutting down a restaurant, say, over a weekend.
      Do you remember when the man showed up drunk at that fatal fire on Bruce Park Avenue? The firemen refused to take orders from him. He was shipped off to rehab after that one but the word I heard was that it didn’t take. Too bad for him, too bad for us.

  6. Anonymous

    i have a financial interest in a g.a. merchant, and this person is now duly noted. thanks.

  7. Ml

    You’re the only person in this town that calls them out! Don’t stop!
    A big fan….

    • Reality check

      So why then does Warzoha still work here? Does anyone care that Teseis campaign manager is the son of emergency management director Warzoha?
      So remember folks when Tesei solicits money for his campaign a thousand dollars a week goes to Steve Warzoha, Teseis campaign manager.
      And then the town pays papa Warzoha 100K plus a pension.

      This is sick!

  8. Republican voter

    Does anyone know what Tesei did before becoming First Selectman?
    Someone said he was a teller at Putnam Trust Bank but I think he was kidding? He was on the BET?

  9. Anonymous

    Bartender at the Blue Oyster.