Next he’ll run for the school board as a Democrat

What else could I do?

Aren’t my kids as special as Malia and Sasha? You bet they are, and I’m special too.

Matt Damon, passionate supporter of public schools, will be sending all five of his children to private school when he moves to New York: “I have no choice”. 

No, Matt, the people who have no choice are those who can’t send their children to charter schools.

Greenwich Democrat and BOE appointee Ramadamadingdong Tamm, proud parent of a Greenwich Academy graduate, was unavailable for comment.


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27 responses to “Next he’ll run for the school board as a Democrat

  1. Do The Math

    Five kids @ $40+k per, no chump change. The bigger question is which private school took five children. The top schools have few non-sibling slots to begin with, and always a wait list, so what this article doesn’t say is how much Damon had to pony up (bribe) the school to take his children at the last minute. If i were a wait list parent who got bumped by Damon, I’d be pissed. Elitism at its worst.

    • Libertarian Advocate

      Easily a cool million, with commitments for substantial annual gifts going forward

    • Anonymous

      His kids go to the Calhoun school

      • anon$anon

        Calhoun calls themselves a progressive school yet they charge the same tuition rate as schools who don’t mind the elite tag. If Calhoun were truly progressive, wouldn’t they be tuition free?

        Schedule of Tuition & Fees, 2013-14
        Tuition includes materials, books and school trips. It also includes lunch for 2nd-12th graders. (Parents send lunch for full-day 3’s-1st graders.)

        Lower School/74th
        3’s (half day) $25,140
        3’s (extended day) $27,540
        4’s $38,140
        Kindergarten & 1st Grade $39,900Lower School/81st St.
        2nd–4th Grades $40,310Middle School
        5th–8th Grades $40,900Upper School
        9th–12th Grades $41,700

    • Greenwich Resident

      You’re assuming all 5 children would go to the same private school. Why should it bother you anyway where he sends his kids to school or how much it costs. Of course he can afford it he’s a movie superstar. If I were Matt Damon moving to NYC I’d send my kids to private school too for safety reasons. I think it’s a possitive he’s an advocate for education, why would you want to turn that into a negative? I’d be more concerned that the Greenwich Democratic Party is putting up a candidate who sent her kid to a “private school” & will now be sitting on our “public school” BOE spending our real tax dollars…

      • It’s just the same as the Kenyan presently occupying the White House who has railed against greedy rich folks his entire time in office and has simultaneously sucked up to them for campaign cash and spent our money vacationing around the world, repeatedly. I have a number of wealthy friends, none of whom vacation like Obama does. But they’re mere millionaires; Obama’s spending like a billionaire, and why not? It’s not his money. The man can stay away from Washington all he wants, the more and the longer the better, but he should shut up with his class warfare rhetoric while he’s out cavorting. Similarly, if Matt Damon wants to “support” public schools with his big mouth, fine, but he certainly doesn’t deserve to be listened to. By their deeds shall ye know them, and all that.

        • Greenwich Resident

          Once again, I’d be more concerned that the Greenwich Democratic Party is putting up a candidate who sent her kid to a “private school” & will now be sitting on our “public school” BOE spending our real tax dollars…

          The heck with Matt Damon.

        • Greenwich Resident

          So what’s the purpose of the post if you take both sides. 🙂

  2. Mickster

    Both you and the DM have it wrong – he’s actually moving to LA. Matt and his family have been living on the UWS for years.

    • anonymous

      At this point, what difference does it make?

      Did he send his kids to public school in NYC?

    • Mickster

      I understand he’s actually a big supporter of teachers – made a big speech back in 2011 supporting tenure. His Mom is a public school teacher. Maybe people are confusing that with support for public schools.

      It’s normal for those with the means to send their kids to private schools.

      • anon

        Hypocrisy. You can’t be for supporting public school teachers and then send your kids to private school. But liberals are best at talking the talk but they rarely walk the walk.

        Take note mrs. Tamm.

      • It’s also normal for movie stars and politicians to tell the peons how to conduct their lives while exempting themselves: Al Gore’s 15,000 sq. ft. mansion and 80′ houseboat, John Kerry’s untaxed yacht, Barbara Streisand telling her fans to air dry their laundry while her staff uses dryers, private jets to global warming conferences, ad nausea.

        • Mickster

          If I was getting $10-$20mill a movie I’d probably feel what I had to say was important too!
          In reality, we help create these creatures. They just don’t realize that we only want to see/hear them in those roles. We don’t need them being political activists – we already have enough clowns in that arena.

    • Greenwich Resident

      As I said, the heck with Matt Damon.

  3. Publius

    Let’s take a break from hypocrisy and shoot for some humor

    The Heinemann’s are BACK!!! Jon looks like he purchased his threads at the Wappingers Falls ( former home of Tawana Brawley) Goodwill

  4. Why doesn’t he just homeschool his offspring? It’s not like he actually works; he just plays make believe. He should be able to play a teacher at home.

  5. Anonymous

    do as i say, not as i do.

    f’ing hypocrite.

    his bourne movies are good though.

  6. Anonymous

    he has filmed 2 seperate movies in my old home town..he could not have been more gracious to all those who came out to have a look at the production..that said ..ask your selfs what you would do if your were in his position…put his kids in public school in LA..are you serious? i think there are better topics than this to get upset about …plus he told O to stick it …i kind of like him

    • anon

      No one would begrudge him for sending his kids to private school OTHER THAN HE SPOUTS OFF AT THE MOUTH ABOUT ADVOCATING PUBLIC SCHOOLS. Either STFU or send your kids to public schools.

      • Toonces

        And he spouts off against school choice for the regular folk who can’t afford the private school track. FYI supporting tenure for teachers is supporting mediocrity in many cases. It is pro-teacher, anti-student. These libs are a bunch of hipocrites

  7. Anonymous

    There are videos of him having practically a nervous breakdown with fervor telling peons, I mean, people, that they need to support the PUBLIC schools and their teachers. Complete hypocrite.

    Agree with earlier poster…..a true progressive school would not have tuition rates as other private schools. Limousine Liberals. They are everywhere.

  8. AJ

    Chris, you’re so mean; I’m going to have to take away your ananda (love, bliss) suffix. From now on you will no longer be Chrisananda but just plain CF.