Will your kids grow up weird if you home school them?

PJ Media says yes.

Nature or nurture?

Nature or nurture?

If you were the homecoming queen who was named Miss Congeniality in your high school yearbook and went on to have a daughter who followed in your footsteps, you will have a very specific image in your mind of how a “normal” high school kid should look and act. Likewise, if you were the gym rat who majored in football.

On the other hand, if you were the shy, shaggy-haired boy who eschewed grooming and spent your high school lunch hour playing Dungeons and Dragons, your categories for “weird” and “normal” will skew a little differently than Joe Football’s categories. Beauty and normal are in the eye of the beholder. And contrary to the persistent Duggar-style stereotype, homeschoolers come in all shapes, sizes, and personality types. There are the jocks, the hipsters, the computer geeks, and the goth kids (although you will find plenty who actually are just like the Duggars).

Ultimately, “weird” people exist in every walk of life, regardless of the child’s educational background. My personal (admittedly anecdotal) theory is that children generally turn out to be a lot like their parents, regardless of whether or not they attended school….

So will your kids grow up to be weird if you homeschool them? Yes, definitely. Someone — right now, this very minute — thinks you are weird because you are not like them. And someone will think your children are weird for the same reason. But the way you choose to educate them will not be the cause.


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10 responses to “Will your kids grow up weird if you home school them?

  1. Anonymous

    Poignant comment in that article:

    “Some woman asked a home-schooled girl if she missed the lack of “opportunities” to “socialize” with kids her own age. The girl replied that she had plenty of opportunities to socialize with other kids her age through sports, field trips, and other activities with other homeschooled kids. “And,” continued the girl breezily, “When my mom believes I’m not getting enough public school-style socialization, she hires some local girls to beat me up in a washroom and take my lunch money.” The woman responded with a shocked look because the girl’s flippant comment called to mind an actual incident that happened to her own daughter at a public school.”

  2. AJ

    You mean: will they grow up normal, as in neurotic?

  3. burningmadolf

    In my HS days the normal chick voted sexiest had to leave a few months early because, er, ah, er….. she got the mumps.

  4. Anonymous

    Doesn’t kind of matter whose doing the home schooling? What if it were, say, one charachters often mentioned here? Say, a BOE candidate or someone working behind the scenes…it’s like a parlor game!

  5. Anonymous


    put your kids on the bus with these animals…this gwich after it gets rezoned…enjoy.

  6. Anonymous

    If my kids told me school was like that I’d list & sell my house same day and move to the midwest. Or Darien.

  7. Anonymous

    That happened in Florida? Maybe they were just standing their ground..