Chris R resurrects a goodie

This was posted here last year, but it’s always time for a classic.



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16 responses to “Chris R resurrects a goodie

  1. Mission Accomplished…. they are each stronger than us…..

  2. anon

    Why on earth can’t American television compile Obama BS like this Danish website did? It’s worthy of a SNL skit at least. I’d prefer it be the lead on Chris Matthews Show but I realize I might be asking for too much there.

  3. oops. i didn’t see it last year – i think i was suffering from transient global amnesia the entire time. i miss it now.

  4. Walt

    Dude –
    That certainly was a most entertaining post, and shows The Orator in Chief for the empty suit that he really is. He can’t even bother to have his paid speechwriter HACKS write some original material for visiting Heads of State? They don’t deserve some candid comments? Some original material? IS THIS ENTIRE ADMINISTRATION off playing golf every day?

    And he could at least be honest, instead of such a pandering little liar. What is Norway going to do if we need them in a conflict? THROW SNOWBALLS?

    And the cheese eating surrender monkeys? They aren’t our Allies; they are our ungrateful little bitches. THEY WOULDN’T LET US FLY OVER THEIR AIRSPACE to bomb Iran AFTER WE SAVED THEIR FROG LITTLE ASSES IN WWII. They are a socialist country headed towards disaster. I will give them the croissant. BUT THAT’S IT!! Maybe the garter belt, but I need to look into that some more.

    The Irish? What do they bring to the table? Lucky Charms and warm beer? Give me a break. The Aussies? CRIKEY!! I like them, but who can even find them on a map? Not me!!

    Instead of kissing ass to these irrelevant little Nations, STOP BULLSHITTING THEM, tell them to support our agenda, and don’t make waves. THEY KNOW THAT IS THE MESSAGE. SO JUST SAY IT!! No one likes a bullshitter.

    Then deal with the Middle East. And maybe the economy. Stick to two things, and if you fix those, maybe you deserve the job you have.

    Your Pal,

  5. Cos Cobber

    holy crap, what an embarressment. isnt their a finishing school for this clown? his wife has been to all these places, cant she prep him?

    • housecat

      Is it just me, or does he seem bored? What else did he *think* he’d be doing as President?

      • Cos Cobber

        totally bored, totally mailing it in. and demonstrating a serious lack of respect for this guests and a lack of depth to his familiarity with the world.

      • with Julia Gillard, he hesitated so long on finally saying “Australia”, i thought he nearly forgot the name of her nation (and couldn’t care less anyway).

        • That’s what I was thinking, too. Maybe it’s on the Gulf Coast.

          Let’s face it: Barry without a teleprompter is Barry without a brain. He’s a reader, not a speaker. Certainly not a thinker.

  6. t

    Barrie was finished three years ago. Obamacare is it. Nothing more on the agenda except divide and conquer politics as usual. A roll out of the same old shit. Nothing to see here, move along.

  7. another starbucks 4 me

    That was precious! Nothing but the best in mediocrity inside the beltway.

  8. I just realized who that Danish guy reminds me of: Eric Idle of Monty Python. The other guy prominently featured in the video reminds me of a below average ninth grader running for Student Council.