Finally, Ramadamadingdong Tamm’s qualifications to sit on the Board of Education are revealed

“Samarpana is a former Montessori teacher and one of our Early Childhood Specialists. She conducts Giggles & Rhymes and can help anyone navigate our Picture Book collection!”

Hmm: A cult follower, Greenwich Academy parent, former private school employee and master of giggles and rhymes. Discussing her appointment to the BOE, Democrat Chairman Francis Fudrucker admitted that “we can’t do any better” – that’s a sad commentary on the state of his party.

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33 responses to “Finally, Ramadamadingdong Tamm’s qualifications to sit on the Board of Education are revealed

  1. Holy crow, do you think they have enough staff??? Are all those people in paid positions? I shudder to think how many people the Greenwich Library must therefore employ.

  2. Walt

    Dude –
    Maybe she can use this one at her next “Shit’s and Giggles” reading:
    A life in a cult is very strange.
    Many people who join them, DERANGED!!
    But we don’t judge, that wouldn’t be prudent.
    But you can’t be on the BOE or control the students!!

    Do you know if she likes Haiku?
    Your Pal,

  3. Cos Cobber

    Since she has a private school background and is a democrat, you know she’s all for radical redistricting.

    • Greenwich voter

      Just the opposite. She has commented many times that redistricting is not the answer. Sue the state. Hartford should work with Greenwich. Greenwich should not just somehow acquiesce to Hartford. And Sam knows that. I don’t know her well but have reached out to her since learning she was a candidate and I gotta tell you I was impressed. I give her credit for continuing especially after reading some of these comments. To me that’s strength. And she really does seem to care about kids. Just ask anyone who knows her in Bryram especially around the New Leb. area.
      I will be voting for her.

      • Cos Cobber

        Has her position been stated in the Greenwich Times or Greenwich Patch? I’d love to see it as she would be the first Democrat in the state to take a public position to challenge or even question the law.

        • Thanks for pointing this out again, CC – no, neither Tamm nor any of her fellow Democrats will take a public stand for or against racial redistricting. Not a single leader of her party dared show her face at any of the public meetings on thas topic.

      • housecat

        I have to agree with CosCobber and CF on this. It’s in Her best interest to come out and publicly state her position on the big issues facing the BOE and the school system, especially redistricting. In fact, they all should, not just Ms Tamm. Until she does this, all we can do is speculate. And frankly, given her personal history, that speculation is unlikely to be kind.

  4. Former PTA member

    And the PTA is not a cult?
    Come on people wake up.

    • Well unlike Tamm’s cult leader, the PTA does not dictate who its members shall marry, ban them from engaging in sexual intercourse, punish them when they violate that ban, name their children and tell them where to live.
      Those are just a few differences between the two “cults” that come to mind, but even a Democrat has enough brain stem to come up with more: see what you can do, then write again.

    • Anonymous

      Why do you keep saying, “The PTA”? Each school has its own PTA…and yes, they are very different from one another. Are you referring to PTAC?

      And I am a democrat supporting Sherr- don’t really like any of the candidates nominated by the democrats.

      • Avid reader

        PTAC …….. Now that’s a cult.
        I’m voting for Sherr and Tamm
        Well at least come November Chris you will have lots to blog about.

  5. Anonymous

    And, there is this rationale:

    To the editor:

    Friend and fellow Democrat Alma Rutgers wrote a second column (Aug. 4) criticizing the Greenwich Democrats’ nominating process for the Board of Education.

    When the Greenwich Democrats nominate more than two candidates to the Board of Education and the Republicans nominate only two, the general election becomes a Democratic primary in which the Republicans get to pick our winners. Nationally and locally, Republican voters increasingly favor candidates who care less about quality public education and more about low taxes. Republicans think that public school teacher salaries and benefits are too generous, that teacher unions are bad, and that investments in our school buildings are examples of government bloat and waste. Recall that the BET Republicans cut the school’s capital budget this year and also voted unanimously against MISA, the Music Instructional Space and Auditorium, before the chair cast a second tie-breaking vote at the last moment. Republicans shrug or offer excuses when asked why Greenwich has dropped in rank compared with other towns and why America has dropped in rank among other nations on measures of academic excellence.

    When the Greenwich Democrats nominate only two candidates for the Board of Education, we are fulfilling our duty and responsibility to recruit, select, and support the most qualified candidates for Board of Education who best represent our party’s progressive values.

    Peter Berg

    Democratic Town Committee member from Cos Cob

    • Riverside resident

      Is this the same Peter Berg who ran for First Selectman and lost in a landslide? He’s a great source.

    • burningmadolf

      Read: spend more.

    • Shoeless

      My son is in Greenwich band and my daughter will eventually be there, and cannot fathom for one instant how $40 million on MISA makes any sense at all. Are you going to tell me, Peter, that MISA is the way we improve our rank in the state? I don’t see Mr. Yoon handing out a lot of B’s and C’s presently, so I don’t think it’s going to make a lot of difference. It also isn’t going to draw the best and brightest away from private schools, since music isn’t #1 on the list of reasons to attend high school.

      So all and all, go fuck yourself.

      • Anonymous

        Mr. Shoeless, I hope you will avoid tumbling into hypocritical actions by promising now that you will not enroll your child in any musical activities when she shall find herself in High School, and that furthermore you will forbid all your family members and friends to attend any events in this $40 million boondoggle. Naturally, of course, when it is built you will forget your thunderous “fuck yourself” and instead take advantage of the facility with a tidy anger that since your taxpayer dollars were responsible for its construction, so you might as well go ahead. Handy that you have set yourself up for both the satisfaction of eternal anger so that you may feel ALIIIIIIVE, yet still allow yourself the forbidden fruits of all that angst.

        • Shoeless

          Wow. Your response is the classic straw man. Your original argument was that MISA produced a higher-ranked school, which I promptly eviscerated, and rather than retort with some defense of your unjustified beleif, you tell me I can’t use the facility. Um, unless i can opt out of my pro-rata share of the of this fiasco, your suggestion holds no water.

          From your original response where you gush over members’ love of spending other people’s money, I can see why you recommend i not use the new facility, since there has likely never been a program you have not been excited to fund. Ergo, you feel a “right” to access those programs/facilities by your desire to spend others’ funds to acheive your goals. By extension, if I don’t approve of a new palace for the police force, should I forfeit my right to call 911?

          My child was involved before said MISA debacle so I don’t see how I am hypocritical should he continue post-MISA considering I ,in fact,spoke out against it from the outset. Since you seem to be “for” any type of spending, then you clearly can continue using any facilities post-improvement since you support each and every expenditure.

          Now back to the original question: Demonstrate how MISA improves school ranking or GTFO.

        • Shoeless

          Crickets? OK I gues GTFO is the order of the day.

        • Anonymous

          Why are you still complaining. Your view lost. Lost, I say, lost! The money is flowing out of the coffers of the Town of Greenwich like lava at Pompeii to burnish a lavish Eden of performing arts. So its time to man up. Your child can easily be well educated with your tax dollars without abetting the waste you excoriate. Lead by example, I say. Start the principled boycott now of performing arts. BTW, the 911 argument? Weak. Try harder

        • shoeless

          Why should I abort what I felt was perfectly adequate before MISA? I should deny my child the right to continue his musical education because people that love to spend other people’s money felt it necessary to do that in an absurd and profligate manner? If I hadn’t enrolled my child in band because of the perceived lack of infrastructure, you might have a point, but as I was perfectly happy before my pocket was picked, your argument is specious. And how is the 911 argument weak? You have basically stated (again) that any money shower I don’t condone should deny me the right to the service in its entirety. So if the town decides that every employee should receive a 25% raise and knuckleheads like you pass it, if I do not think that raise was appropriate, I should no longer use park and rec or the building department? And yes, that is EXACTLY what you are saying,

          When the band wanted to go to Cuba, I decided my son would not attend because I don’t want to shower Fidel with greenbacks; I feel that cities like Memphis or New Orleans could teach my child as much about musical roots and benefit from those dollars to a far greater degree. I even wrote the headmaster to let him know my feelings on the trip. But in that instance, it was money I could control. Even if the trip had been funded through a BOE money shower, I would not have allowed his participation. In that instance. I might have denied him an interesting trip, but would not have impinged on his musical education. On the other hand, he can still toot a horn, with or without MISA.

          As far as the school budge and MISA, again I ask, how does MISA improve Greenwich school ranking? I’m still waiting for an answer. And while you are at it, please let me know where Greenwich High School ranked 10 years ago and what its budget was. Please tell me its rank and budget last year and tell me that spending more money produces better results.


    • shoeless

      Crickets, yet again. Let me know when you have the data that shows we have spent less recently than historically and the school rankings that validate your point. The decline in rankings is there, but your data on spending is not. Also, please answer the original question of how a defunding of MISA by those evil republicans would hurt our school rank.

      You’ve already come back twice with the “you shouldn’t use the new facilities” meme, so spare me a third time and answer the original question .

  6. AJ

    Does this Tammananda woman actually ever say anything, or do other people do all her talking for her?

    • Former PTA member

      And I would ask the same of the 6 PTA women who currently sit on the board. And the 2 who currently seek the position.

      • Anonymous

        What about Mr. Peldunas? Was he not a PTA member last year?

        • Brian BTN

          Anonymous at 12:04 PM:

          We have joined the PTA every year since our daughter has been at Riverside. My wife and I both volunteer to help out at various events (Halloween Party, Riverside Run, Book Fair – I have been the treasurer for the last two years).

          Brian Peldunas
          Republican Candidate for Board of Education

        • Anonymous

          Thank you. Brian BTN. I, for one, applaud your service to your school’s PTA. I was just wondering why Former PTA Member was only asking about the 6 women…

        • Send in the clowns

          I’m still trying to figure out who the 6th woman is, lol. Peter VB, Sure Sherr, or Steve Anderson?

        • Riverside resident

          Peldunas serves one person

  7. Send in the clowns

    I’m curious to know who you think isn’t or is a PTA member on the current Board?
    And yes, every single candidate except Ms. Tamm is a PTA member. Sherr is very involved and his wife was president and on ptac last year.

    • Laura supporter

      Holy hell Batman!
      Our schools are doomed.

    • NSS proud

      Sherr seems more involved in fronting for his wife’s North Mianus PTA than in actually making BOE decisions or knowing what’s going on . He’s been showing up (OK, usually late!) at BOE meetings for 4 years and at the last meeting had to ask what a “partial magnet” is. His words fall so far short of his actions. And his interaction with the Super makes me start being concerned that he’ll run mckersey out of town like pones Cohn nd Sherr did with Freund. To borrow Sherr’s own words, we should be “deeply troubled” if he were to be reelected. I want people o the board that actually care about all of the kids first!