Price war in Cos Cob!

57 Gregory Road

57 Gregory Road

57 Gregory Road, asking $890,000, sold for $905,000. And to think I scoffed when Obama said illegal immigrants would boost property prices.

Over by the Merritt Parkway 7 Wyckham Hill Lane has come on the market at $12.950 million. Place your bets here for when it will sell and for how much. Just to start the game, I’ll suggest 2015, $5.795, but I’m always an optimist in these matters; it’s my sunny disposition, I suppose.

(UPDATE: In fairness, I can see where this price came from – 11 Skyridge sold for $13 million in the past year and the two homes look to be roughly comparable in size and quality. To my mind, and previous house sales support my opinion,Wykham Hill is no Skyridge, but I’m sure this owner would disagree).

7 Wyckham Hill Lane

7 Wyckham Hill Lane


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21 responses to “Price war in Cos Cob!

  1. anonymouse

    While Gregory Rd. is a great street (quiet, culdesac), that price seems hard to justify for a knockdown, unless you are a builder, but even then, there is a lot of site work that needs to be done (pool in front yard). And, I’m pretty sure it sits on rock ledge so extra expense to get a decent basement in there. But I wish them well.

    • Long Time Central Greenwich Resident

      It does not look like a knockdown to me. For one thing, it begs for a room over the second garage. Sort of a cute house, and it looks like a split level. These are very livable and can have lots of usable spacel

  2. Just_looking

    I am going to require pretty steep odds to bet against CF on a real estate transaction.

  3. Mickster

    Unfortunately, CF does rush to judgement now and then before the full facts are available. This house bears no resemblance to the one they purchased in 2004 for $6.4M – massive overhaul done in 2006. They have also added 4000 sq feet to the original.

    But let’s not get the facts in the way of a good story…..

    • The next highest price paid on Wyckham after this one was for $5 million. That owner put in an additional $1.5 in improvements and couldn’t sell it for $3.9 after two years of trying. I don’t see Wyckham supporting a price anywhere close to what this one’s asking, but more power to you if you can find a buyer, Mick.

      • Cos Cobber

        Its close to the Merritt – at 12MM, this could be the most $$ to be next to the Merritt since the Mel Gibson estate – which came with land and a unique old compound.

      • Mickster

        There’s Merritt side and non-Merritt side. This looks over the water. Just beautiful. Let’s look at it first before you slam it. What did my friend PT say many moons ago?

  4. anonymous

    re 7 Wyckham: how many residents get the privilege of paying to maintain the pond/lake? You can see a canoe in two of the photos so it is apparently usable for such endeavors – is it swimmable?

    • towny

      Yes, it is swimmable and fishable too. Townies havie been visiting Babcock Lake for 40 years, A couple of new houses along the lake perimeter are not going to deter them. Buyer beware.

  5. Anonymous

    Although Gregory Road is Cos Cob (location), it is North Mianus/Eastern School District. This could explain its premium, no?

  6. This is the house built by Ken Roe, owner of Burns and Roe, the nuclear power plant design firm. I was with him on the terrace in the photo when Shoreham Nuclear and all 19 of his design projects were cancelled – post Three Mile Island.

    Neither the nuclear construction industry or the property have recovered their full vision.

    In green energy news, Earth Image has just been retained for layout of a 1 megawatt solar farm in Purchase NY just west of Greenwich for Morgan Stanley. So we can see their opinion of the future.

  7. And to think I laughed at Hillary in 2008, when she campaigned on the theme of all the new jobs to open up installing solar panels. Come 2013 and here we are.

  8. Anonymous

    I have not seen Wyckham Hill but you cannot compare to Sky Ridge that has NO Merritt noise and was a BEAUTIFUL house! Most of the houses on Wyckham Hill are tacky!! I am willing to bet this is several million over priced!