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Sale, accepted offer.

11 Owenoke Way

11 Owenoke Way

11 Owenoke Way, Riverside, asked $3.450 million, got $3.350 in mere days.

15 Sylvan Lane

15 Sylvan Lane

15 Sylvan Lane, Old Greenwich, priced at $2.790, has an accepted offer. It sold for $2.240 in September, 2010.

Owenoke last sold for $2.195 in 2006, and was extensively renovated; Sylvan, not at all. In either event, these two neighborhoods have moved into an entirely new level of affordability for those seeking to live here.


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3 responses to “Real estate news

  1. Matt

    Do the square footage figures in these MLS listings include the garage? Looking to move to OG/RS and trying to compare apples to apples

    • You cannot compare square footages in this town with any precision, especially if you use the numbers provided on real estate listings – some agents include finished basements, some don’t, and few, if any, include the garage. For purposes of expanding a house and compliance with the town P&Z floor area ratio and, now, lot coverage restrictions, you must include the garage, terraces, pools and children’s toys left overnight on the lawn. To add a sunroom today, or even a tool shed, figure on spending $10,000 on professional fees: legal, architectural, engineer and surveyor, before even considering doing anything. All of this has been brought to you by your neighbors, who sit on the Representative Town Meeting and who have abdicated all decisions on land use to the paid staff of the Planning & Zoning Commission, all of whom want to restrict property use.

  2. Long Time Central Greenwich Resident

    The remodeled house is gorgeous. Not clear what it was like before, but it looks like they spent a lot of money. Shows what you can do if you do a really tasteful renovation in an area people want. Not clear that a renovation like this in midcountry would work, although lower Cos Cob seems to be increasing in popularity, so a good renovation might work there.