Sale prices reported

Four sales, one accepted offer.

12 Meadowcroft

12 Meadowcroft

12 Meadowcroft has sold for $9.850 million, down a bit from its 2011 ask of $12.850 but considering its builder paid $3.625 for its 2-acre lot in late October, 2010, there’s plenty of margin here to compensate for the long wait trying to get rid of it. By Steve Mariani, who has made Meadowcroft what it is today.

2 Horseshoe

2 Horseshoe

2 Horseshoe, off Cognewaugh, sold for $1.275 million, not quite its asking price of $1.385 but well within where I think most of us guessed it would sell. Nice house.

21 Mackenzie Glen

21 Mackenzie Glen

21 Mackenzie Place, off North, $2.9 million. Meh.

22 Shady Brook

22 Shady Brook

22 Shady Brook, Old Greenwich, $1.675. My reaction is somewhere between “meh” and “wow, really?!”. Good neighborhood, and I suppose this price is what you should expect to pay to get into it.

6 Lake Drive (Raveis has apparently quit bothering with interior pictures for Riverside homes)

6 Lake Drive (Raveis has apparently quit bothering with interior pictures for Riverside homes or even taking new ones)

And over in Riverside 6 Lake Drive South reports an accepted offer, $2.495. It tried $2.650 in 2007, came back for a year in 2009 at $2.495 without success and then returned just last month and in this market, sold immediately. I’m no longer surprised by any Riverside price.


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7 responses to “Sale prices reported

  1. Anonymous

    Mark Mariani?
    He also did some serious face lifting to the house before it closed per buyer’s req

  2. Anonymous

    Mariani single handedly destroyed one of the best streets in Greenwich!!! He is a true as#####!!!!

  3. Greenwich Gal

    I agree. Meadowcroft was one of the best – now it is gone “tacky Russian oligarch.”

  4. Long Time Central Greenwich Resident

    Meadowcroft was half large estates and half more ordinary houses. Anyway, a lovely street. I cannot imagine taking down the beautiful estate homes that were demolished – two at least. Same thing happened on Parsonage. A beautiful prewar colonial was demolished.

  5. TraderVic

    Actually, the improvements made to this Meadowcroft house are quite nice. I just took a drive there and the curb appeal of the street is much restored…maybe not like it was in the 1920s, but certainly much better than a year ago.

  6. Jeremy Jones

    Have any of the other Meadowcroft spec houses sold? Or just this one? I agree on the street and the location – – I don’t love the architecture of Mariani houses but I do think that the street has a nice open feel (as do most of the streets around it . . . )