The only place he IS welcome is Russia, but he won’t go there

FOO (Friend of Obama) house where he'll be staying the next two weeks. Chilmark, MV

FOO (Friend of Obama) house where he’ll be staying the next two weeks. Chilmark, MV

Martha’s Vineyard residents think our Golfer in Chief “needs to find another place to go. He treats people here terribly.”

If the adoring White House scribes (that would be mainstream media “reporters”) could step outside their appointed role of Obama apologists, they might see the irony of a president who has campaigned twice against “the 1%”, and demanded that the rich “pay their fair share”  spending an inordinate amount of time vacationing and schmoozing with those very people and spending taxpayer money as though it were his and he was wealthy. Ski vacations to Aspen twice a winter, with separate flights for Mama and the girls, Christmases in Hawaii, Michelle and the kids and two dozen friends on a junket to the Costa del Sol, African safaris, Florida golf weekends with Tiger Woods, Martha’s Vineyard vacations and, always, golf (when on the Vineyard, Barry prefers the private course at Edgartown). Obama and his family make the greediest capitalist look like St. Francis of Assisi.


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15 responses to “The only place he IS welcome is Russia, but he won’t go there

  1. anonymous

    first link goes to error page

  2. Mickster

    Good God – this is a story???
    That’s 2 minutes I’ll never get back – a closed road story?? WTF!!

    This constant rage against Obama is so tiresome – he was elected by the majority, fool – get over it!
    He has the same agenda as every other President during their lame-duck terms – that is cozy up to the 1% and guarantee your financial future after office.
    and when Hilary is elected she will do the same…

    Find something else to rant about – closed road…omg

    • “Nothing to see here, move along, move along.” Your Irish subservience to authority is showing.

      • Mickster

        You just don’t get it, Chris. My point all along is we waste so much time and effort criticizing one party or another, one leader or another and that’s not the issue. The amount of wheeling and dealing going on in DC daily and the corruption there is mind boggling. There is an industry setup to control the payoffs, for chrissake!

        They scream about Wall Street greed and Wall Street guys donate big time to shut them up (Chuck Schumer for example). They scream about banks, the bankers pay up. They screamed about Microsoft for ages, finally Gates pays up. It’s extortion at the highest levels. We think they’re standing up for us – you gotta be kidding. And all these big suits by SEC etc etc – a lot of these are caps set in back rooms to keep the public and press happy. Nobody gets locked up – everyone moves on. Handshake.

        Instead of talking about road closings we should be focused on making these clowns more accountable to us on a weekly/monthly basis. We have senators and congressmen retiring millionaires?? What happened with campaign finance reform??

        The system is gamed because the incumbents know that if you raise enough money, it’s almost impossible to lose (unless you get caught tweeting your junk everywhere!). That has to be stopped because they know that with enough TV ads the sheeple will continue to vote them back in rather than have to think about their competition.

        I mean Weiner, yes Weiner, has something like $5 MILLION in campaign money he has to use or return!!

    • anonymous

      So Mick, let’s say you spent $20k for a week rental for your family vacation on the Vineyard; dying to play golf, drive into town, enjoy the beach. Then you are told, solly challie, the Prez needs the road more than you do. No tee times when he’s on the links. No freedom to mosey into town for a cone or cappuccino. Somehow I think your tune would change when its YOUR wallet affected. Just saying…

      • Mickster

        I’d be totally pissed but the other thing is recent intelligence suggests the towel heads are up to something to the security staff are freaked out.

      • Especially, Mick, if your President also denounced you as a greedy fuck, undeserving of the money you were wasting on yourself and your family.

  3. Anonymous

    Every Pres…. is the same…..remember vacationing at San Clemete beach in the early 70’s….when Nixon was coming… they closed the public beach days in advance and the Town shut down at the height of summer vacation…
    Barry is no different from his Republican counter parts….Bush in Me….etc….

    • The hysteria about Obama from the right wing fanatics is hilarious. This happens with EVERY president. The anger from the Weekly Standard, Daily Caller (the Tucker Carlson jokefest), Heritage Foundation, etc., gosh, you wonder if there are anger management issues going on.
      A recommendation: constant vacationing in Crawford, TX!!

  4. Anonymous

    Micster and Anonymous 11:26 am….don’t you see the difference? If Obama kept his mouth shut about the bloody rich then he can go play in the sun with his 1% wealthy buddies and be done with it…..its the HYPOCRISY yet again by the Dem liberals that they somehow represent the “poor and middle class” when it couldn”t be further from the truth.

    He can join Matt Damon at the next rant….while the mainstream media sucks it all in like the shills that they are these days. Hey, Wash Post, do you think there may be a reason why newspapers are losing readers by your overt, one sided reporting?

  5. AJ

    This clip so perfectly illustrates the mentality of the typical Obama follower. There is no single word to describe how if you supported someone and they turned out to be the one hundred and eighty degree opposite of everything they had promised and yet you still supported them. Obama is a guy who actually tells people he is cool and then shows he has the dance moves to prove it. How creepy is that?

  6. anonymouse

    You forgot to mention Sasha and Malia’s spring break to Atlantis, Paradise Island. No fault of your own – it’s hard to keep track. Oh, and the Bahamas trip was just 3 months after the Aspen trip. When will this country wake the f up?

  7. anonymous

    When you posted the Vineyard Gazette link this morning there were three comments. There are now twenty which says there were 100 submitted but the Gazette editor did some creative deleting. However, the vast majority of the comments are soundly negative – many say Let The Vineyard keep the jerk.