Self-relience is never a bad thing

Of course when the bureaucrats step in these people will be wearing hard hats and safety goggles but ....

Of course when the bureaucrats step in these people will be wearing hard hats and safety goggles but ….

Greenwich is planning to form a citizens response organization to help respond to emergencies. Beats waiting for the federal government or other outside agencies, and it wouldn’t appear to be expensive (although I’ve never seen a government agency that didn’t swell to meet, and exceed, its budget).

I’ll take local over foreign any day, and this is the first good idea to come out of FEMA since 2011. I’m sure they’ll ruin it in a few years but at least initially, it should be a boon.

Top police and emergency management brass have set the gears in motion for Greenwich to establish its own Community Emergency Response Team program that will train volunteers to take a supporting role in the town’s handling of disaster situations.

A subsidiary of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the CERT program educates civilians in disaster preparedness and basic hazard response methods and gives town residents the skills to help provide support for municipal forces during emergencies. There are some 2,200 CERT programs scattered throughout the United States, including those in Fairfield, Westport, New Canaan, and as of last year, Stamford.


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12 responses to “Self-relience is never a bad thing

  1. Mickster

    And this guy you say is a drunk is in charge? Is this someone’s idea of a joke? Disaster waiting to happen..

    • I think properly phrased, that should read disaster awaiting disaster.

      • Voter

        Daddy Dan still receives a 100 K a year salary. Plus a pension from the fire dept ( he was fire chief ) and the sewer department ( before fire daddy Dan helped clean sewer pipes.) Daddy Dan’s son Stevie recieves a grand a week from our First Selectman to run his campaign. He is listed on letterhead I just received asking for a contribution to the Peter Tesie for re electon committee. Stevie is referred to as acting campaign manager and advisor. Daddy Dan is also listed as an official advisor.

        People, how is this not a conflic?

    • RTC member

      He works and is in charge of emergency cooridination. When daddy Warzoha was asked to resign by FS Lash FS elect Tesei reappointed him immediately. Remember Tesei’s campaign manager Steve Warzoha is the son of emergency cooridinator AKA daddy Dan Warzoha. Amazing how Greenwich keeps electing this guy over and over.

  2. Chief Scrotum

    Oh good – pay high taxes AND work for free for the government. Unpaid internships for 50 year olds. How sad.

  3. Mickster

    Unpaid volunteers – yes
    Trainers paid overtime rate.
    Classes to be held at Sundown Saloon nightly at 8.00pm until we get it right.
    Where is this Top Secret Emergency Response Plan?

    • Greenwich voter

      In a safe locked up. Daddy Dan Warzoha has the keys. He will not show anyone. Bob Horton has been writing about this for years.

      Let the public see the plans!

  4. anonymouse

    There used to be something called Red Cross Disaster Services, whereby the LOCAL chapter of the Red Cross would be there to support local officials during emergencies/natural disasters. Unfortunately, that is no longer the case. Everything is handled by RC’s national organization now, much to the detriment, i believe, of our local communities.

    • t

      As of only a few years ago, there used to be HUGE number of volunteers and only a few paid guys in the Greenwich Fire Dept. The Jolly Volly’s did a tremendous job with townwide emergency management. Today very few of the residents of Greenwich have the time or the witheral to dirty their fingernails, yet scream and prance around when taxes are raised to pay for fire service.

      • Retired Offic

        Volunteer firemen should be limited to traffic control measures only. Let the paid members do their job. Keep Heavey away from a burning building so he can concentrate on strengthing moral in his own department. Ridbergh never had these problems.

  5. Anun

    How about training town employees first so they’re not going around town like headless chickens? Then look at volunteers.

  6. Jonathan

    Such a bad idea. I’m president of a community association of a relatively affluent community in Fairfield County (not in Greenwich). It’s pretty much impossible to elicit volunteers for anything menial or anything that doesn’t fit within their busy schedules. About all I can get residents to volunteer for is providing their opinion!