Well really, only the press and his sheeple ever thought he knew anything about the law

Sealed indictments, si; sealed law school transcripts, non,

Sealed indictments, oui; sealed  college and law school transcripts, non,

Obama violates Federal law, discloses existence of sealed indictment on Benghazi.

While the president of the United States can declassify top secret intelligence information on his own say-so, disclosing secret grand jury material is a different matter. Rule 6(e) of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure clearly states: “… no person may disclose the indictment’s existence except as necessary to issue or execute a warrant or summons.’’

Contempt of court? Aw heck, the Great One has already, and repeatedly displayed his contempt for the Constitution and the Little People of the United States, so what’s another example of that going to hurt? Laws are for non-golfers.


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6 responses to “Well really, only the press and his sheeple ever thought he knew anything about the law

  1. Just_looking

    No one wil notice, no one will care. As you note, his record practically predicts this.

    • Along the lines of no one will care, it infuriates me that all these months later we still haven’t been told who gave the “stand down” order to the military. Jay Leno apparently won’t be asking.

  2. Al Dente

    He has a limitless supply of mulligans.

  3. housecat

    You *know* they don’t actually teach “Law” at Harvard Law School, right? Con Law is just a one-semester elective up there, anyway. It’s like a Medical School not requiring that it’s students take Anatomy, but hey – they are really, really, smart. It should more than compensate for the lack of knowledge in that area.

  4. towny

    Having a law degree does not necsesarily make one a lawyer

    • Of course not, but you will remember that his scribes inflated his one-year-gig as a teaching assistant into the role of a “constitutional scholar” – that’s the point, or one of them.