But we’ll try harder



Connecticut’s I-95 is only #8 on the list of “Ten Deadliest Roads in America”. “Here in the Nutmeg State we thrive on challenge”, Governor Malloy told FWIW, “and now that we see what we’re driving for, it’ll be full throttle,  pedal to the metal, can-do determination. Today we may just be number 8, but tomorrow we’ll be number one in the world – can’t you hear that rubber burn?”


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8 responses to “But we’ll try harder

  1. Bam Bam

    I have survived many a close call on I-95. I’ve had accidents in front of me and behind me but knock on wood never WITH me. The truckers here are usually on the Florida to Maine route and by Connecticut they are cranky and paying little attention to the road. My particular pet peeve is the trucker who hogs the left lane for a long stretch. He gets flashing headlights from me.

    I can also proudly add I’ve survived driving 8 out of these ten roadways. Have not been on the one in Alabama, nor the Toledo Ohio stretch.

  2. George Leroy Tirebiter

    I have a vague memory from my youth in the early ’70s that there were signs on I-95 to the effect that the road was legally closed and driving on it was at your own risk. This was because the pavement condition was so bad, with giant cracks, potholes and exposed rebar from erosion. The story was that the state put up the signs to limit its liability.

    Was that really the case, or do I have an invented memory? Did they ever fix the road or is it still like that? I became a Westerner decades ago and haven’t been back since. No desire to come back either.

    I also remember that unlike the the ticket system on the New York Thruway where you paid a toll only once when you exited, I-95 had a toll station about every 10 miles so you had to come to a rolling stop and throw coins into a basket. Is it still that way? If so, I imagine you deposit bills not coins nowadays.

  3. Isn’t that a photograph of the Merritt Parkway rather than I 95 in the article?

    • You mean the article itself? Yeah, I was trying to place that on I-95 in Norwalk and kept coming up with the Merritt Parkway myself. I did find, and post, what purports to be a crash in Norwalk and at least that one has a picture of a truck in it, thereby reducing, if not eliminating the possibility that it was taken on the Merritt.

      • anon$anon

        that stretch of 95 looks to me like its up past Essex, maybe closer to the RI line. I’ve enlarged the photo as much as I can but the exit sign is out of focus.

  4. Riverslide

    I always figured statistics would show the worst section of 95 was northbound, coming off the Michael Morano bridge. (Why did was it named after a politician, even one as effective and well-liked as Sen. Morano?)
    I bet the section around Norwalk rates badly because of the fender benders as people get antsy and excited as they get close the big box stores like CostCo.