I’m more concerned with schools converting our children into little lefty libtards

ZinnNew Jersey bans psychologists from attempting to convert homo teens. Interesting what the state feels is beyond a parent’s choice when raising children: abortion and psychiatric treatment, for instance, but leaving that aside, why the silence on the public school curriculum which uses that communist Howard Zinn’s masterpiece of propaganda, “A People’s History of the United States” as the core block of learning? Three percent of the population may be gay; we worry about them, but not the 100% of all children, regardless of sexual orientation, being brainwashed daily in our schools. Why is that?


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  1. Mark B.

    The government’s grasp of the weightiness of percentages/ratios/majorities/etc continues to mystify me. Two percent of American women have had abortions and 3.4 percent of Americans are gay, both very small minorities by any measure. But enormous time, energy and legislative attention is given to their causes and to ensure their rights and freedom. So what about the 37% (at least, and 47% at most) of American adults who own guns? We are an enormous chunk of the population, between eighty million and a hundred million strong, yet we are in constant fear of losing everything, and, in Andrew Cuomo’s New York, we’re treated like criminals.

  2. Far Right Winger

    In light of the revelations in Diana West’s new book, I would now insist that American History textbooks be destroyed and find a new author and publisher to incorporate the long and deliberately buried facts about FDR, The New Deal, and WW II uncovered by Ms West, and others before her. Not your typical revisionist history as it came to be practiced by the Soviets but this time the record will actually reflect the truth instead of propaganda. And no way do we allow Howard Zinn’s propaganda into our schools. Too bad John Silber didn’t fire him when he had the chance. But the damage was done by Howard Zinn in the ’60’s as he was the hero of my generation of left wing B.U. Students. Abd those lefty students now populate and control the faculties, the school boards, and school administrations across the USA. The Soviets have succeeded with their plan to undermine us from within.

  3. The Duke of Deception

    The Duke was a history major at BU in the mid ’70’s and had the distinct displeasure of suffering through Zinn one semester. Lord help the Duke or anyone else with the temerity to question the bullshit that came out of that awful man’s piehole. President Silber hated his guts but didn’t have the cajones to bust him.

    • housecat

      That’s an odd coincidence… I was just thinking about a similar professor I had in the late ’80s. If you didn’t literally repeat the Party Line on every exam question, you risked getting an F in the class. God forbid you tried to answer something using your own words. When I got a D on the mid-term, I went to her office to discuss the exam. She told me what the “correct” answer was for one question, using it as an example. It was essentially the answer I had written. The critical difference between correct and wrong? The words of the “correct” answer consisted of my answer, with the words placed in slightly different order. I wish I were making this up… And it’s only gotten worse.

  4. Walt

    Dude –
    I really don’t think you can therapy out the gay. If you are born a homo, you are homo. It’s not a choice. You can’t be talked out of it. What you are into sexually is determined by nature. It’s not elective. Fortunately, I prefer big cans and a finely shaved baldy. Complimented by a bubble ass. Luck of the draw Dude!!

    And we do spend too much time talking about the gays? YES WE DO!! They are no different than us. Why do they get the Gay Pride Parades and dibs on Halloween? WHO MADE THEM IN CHARGE? I WANT ANSWERS!!

    So quit whining, you Homo’s. Girl up!! You daffodils. No one really cares what you do behind back doors. Just go do it. Quit flaunting it. WE DON’T REALLY CARE!!

    But can any of you call me on some decorating advice? Thanks in advance!!
    Your Pal,

    • Mark B.

      Plus, go down the list – gay men are funny, considerate, quick-witted, caring, intelligent, creative, neat…
      Basically everything a man ought to be, but for one minor software issue…

  5. Martha

    Can you delete that last post? I don’t know how my last name got on there with the gravitate….ack. Technology!

  6. Daniel

    Why do handicapped people get to park for free?

  7. Libertarian Advocate

    Zinn quit BU while Silber was still president, so his efforts to rid the school of that vampire had to have been effective. Silber was an excellent poker player. Howard Zinn was just a nasty narcissistic ass*ole.

  8. Yos

    Chris: McLuhan noted that the ‘Medium is the Message’. The message in government schools is…

    If you’re serious about avoiding the threat of your children becoming libtards, you have two choices: Home-school / charter school, OR on a daily basis discuss with your kids what they learn in their public screwel courses and undo the damage. It’s a lot of work either way. There is no “set it and forget it” option.

  9. AJ

    From Wikipedia: Perhaps the most significant of the traditions is the maypole, around which ….. communist and anarchist groups commemorating the 1886 Haymarket affair in …

    School children at Byram Shore with maypoles circa 1920.
    Maypole - Byram Shore

    Perhaps Greenwich’s Marxist roots go deeper than you really think. Then again, maybe not.