Oh, this is rich

Caroline Kennedy taps her inner shelf

Caroline Kennedy taps her inner shelf

Caroline Kennedy wants to be Ambassador to Japan, so she’s been forced to reveal a bit about her financial fortune, estimated to be as much as $500 million. I don’t care about her wealth, particularly; no one in her family is poor, but I found this amusing: a good portion of her money is invested in Arctic Royalty LP, a “manufacturer and wholesaler of oil products”. Arctic drilling? The Darling of the Left? Shades of Al Gore.

Do you suppose her anti-fracking cousin Joe has his money with the same partnership? Wouldn’t surprise this cynic.


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  1. anon

    She’s one strange lady. So poorly spoken, hell-bent on keeping the Kennedy name in the limelight as if they are gods (and the press falls for it), is rarely seen with her “husband”, who is not accompanying her to Japan. For my old-fashioned sensibilities, Japan is a country whose culture is pretty couple oriented – all the entertaining she’s going to do as ambassador, she’ll be as a single female? I think she wanted out of her life at home, wanted to get out from her husband and asked for this assignment. I understand ambassadorships go to those who gave the most money but she hardly seems a good representative, other than her name, for what that’s worth! Mud?

    Her wealth, by the way, once this land on the Vineyard sells to the retired Obama’s, will be $45m more:

    • CEA

      I’m amused that she likes to go by “Caroline Kennedy”, considering she’s been married for decades. For all her talking about wanting “privacy”, she certainly likes to be known by the more visible (read: gets you the most gigs/attention) name.

      If she TRULY wanted anonymity she’d be Caroline Schlossberg and do like Jimmy Carter does – quietly have a foundation that helps others and isn’t looking for the spotlight.

  2. Walt

    Dude –
    What qualifications does she have to be Ambassador to Japan? NONE!!

    Does she even speak gook? NO!! Can she say “I ruv you rong time”? DOUBTFULL!! Does she admire Asian School Girls in plaid skirts with white knee high socks? And Baby Doll black patent leather shoes? I DOUBT IT!!

    This is a disgrace, and Japan should reject her. I will be the Ambassador, and do a much better job than her. THIS IS PURE POLITICAL NEPOTISM!!

    Plus the Jap culture still doesn’t treat women as equals, much like the Towel Heads, so how can she be effective? This CANNOT STAND!!

    And also, and BTW, and one more thing, I actually understand all of the Jap’s weird little fetish things, although I don’t partake in many of them. Unlike you, you demented little pervert. CAN SHE SAY THAT?

    I think not, Tojo.
    Your Pal,

  3. Cos Cobber

    500MM? Old money from years of insider trading from Capital Hill? Steve Cohen, you did it all wrong.

    • anon$anon

      Some of that money may have come via Jackie’s marriage to Onassis, also from the sale of her mega apartment on Fifth, royalties from book sales and any inheritance her brother John had she got when he died. Her mother was wealthy to begin with and even though Jackie had a prenup with Ari, I remember reading she got a preeeeettttyyyy penny when he died.

      I bet Schlossberg gets zippo.