Cos Cob sale reported


74 Valleywood Road

74 Valleywood Road

74 Valleywood Road, $1.1 million. It sold for $1.140 in 2005, when it had been newly renovated.


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20 responses to “Cos Cob sale reported

  1. InfoDiva

    It must be so discouraging for young families to see how little a million bucks buys in this town.

  2. Cos Cobber

    Here’s how some of your federal super storm sandy dollars are being spent. NJ will give you 50k in a forgivable loan if you buy in a storm affected county. 50k!

    • “Leonard was one of the greats,” he said gravely (that’s a joke, Walt). And his advice was spot-on.

      • Walt

        Dude –
        Writing dialogue is one of the hardest things to do. Haiku? Limericks? I could pound those out all day long like shit from a donkey. But dialogue? That takes real talent.

        Have you ever read “A Few Good Men”? And I mean read it, not watch it, you lazy dolt. THE TRUTH? The truth? YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!! A true classic.

        Gone With The Wind is up there as well. And of course, Its a Wonderful Life, which always makes me cry like a little bitch every time I watch it. What ever happened to Zuzu? And wasn’t Donna Reed a total stud muffin!! Donna Reed or Barbara Eden Dude? Talk about a hard choice!! And Behind the Green Door will always be a classic.

        What movies do you like Dude? Pee-wees Big Adventure? You frigging loser.

        Your Pal,

        • I recommend “Greenwich Mean Time”, myself.
          By the way, the only thing the world has to be grateful to John Travolta for is that after he’d agreed to star in “Get Shorty”, he looked at the script and asked, “what happened to the original dialogue?” Told that the geniuses in Hollywood had “improved it”, Travolta insisted that either the dialogue be restored or the producers could look for another star. They caved, and after decades of fucking up great Elmore Leonard stories, Hollywood finally got one right.

        • Speaking of reading, not Greenwich Mean Time or Elmore Leonard works, rather I’m on a Eugene O’Neill kick this summer, the goal of re-reading all of his plays, today I started Ah, Wilderness, going in reverse alphabetical order. It could be written now, not 1933. Takes place in “a small Connecticut town, 1906” which some say was New London.

          What’s everyone else reading this summer?

        • Walt

          Fifty Shades of Grey.
          Blow Up Doll in My Head.
          Mrs. Brown Bites me.
          And Greenwich Mean Time.
          Archie Comics when I am dropping a deuce.

  3. greenwich dude

    Valleywood is the great cos cob street
    low traffic, walkable to town, great neighborhood feel
    Suspect this area should go up to catch people priced out of riverside

  4. Kat

    Lovely street, I thought. We almost made an offer on this house. Then looked harder and realized that we can’t live with the lack of closets (and there is no room to build one in the rooms) and the 2nd bathroom being in the garage.
    Well,maybe too bad.I’m still looking…