In case you’re wondering, there’s been no real estate news reported today

Stables for us, the 0.01%

Stables for us, the 0.01%

Broker open house tour probably has kept agents with activity to report away from their desks, so check in later. But must people are away or otherwise ignoring real estate and I don’t expect that to change umuch until after Labor Day.

I did receive an invitation to view the new listing at 429 Taconic Road but the pictures are now up, and since it (a) looks quite presentable and (b) I have no clients actively looking in the $23.5 million range (feel free to give me a call and change that), I thought I’d save the gas and send the money saved to the owner’s favorite charity, the federal budget deficit campaign. As I’m sure she’ll agree, the people in Washington can put my five bucks to use far more wisely than I can, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to let them do that.


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4 responses to “In case you’re wondering, there’s been no real estate news reported today

  1. anon22

    what’s the vetting process to show this house? Broker want client financials to eliminate hoi polloi lookie lous?

  2. Anonymous

    I’m glad it’s built using the latest “green” technology….

    • It’s liberal gilt at its finest: build a 20,000 sq. ft. hobby farm, fill it with a couple of million bucks worth of horse flesh, have your grooms truck those horses around the country while you jet in to show them, then toss some foam insulation between the studs and ask Obama to please, please whip you (but not yet) and bingo! You’re just so much wiser, so much more moral than those awful, greedy grasping rich people you hang out with.

  3. Anonymous

    It was designed by Paul Marchese. he was also was the architect for the new house on George C Scotts property on Meadow that sold for 20+ million.