Uh oh, fatal words


Jason Lee in a lighter moment

Jason Lee in a lighter moment

Goldman Sachs partner Jason Lee arrested for raping 20-year-old at Hampton’s summer party. Nothing unusual about that, I suppose, but here’s where you know Mr. Lee is doomed:

Lee’s lawyer, Edward Burke Jr., said his client denies the charge.

“He is very accomplished and he’s never been in trouble with the law,” Burke said.

”His wife and family fully support him. He denies the allegation against him completely and looks forward to defending himself in court.”

Since Cain slew Abel, every single accused criminal whose mouthpiece claimed was “looking forward to his day in court” has either pled out or been found guilty: little known fact.


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26 responses to “Uh oh, fatal words

  1. AJ

    And here I thought “His wife and family fully support him” was the tell.

  2. anonymous

    “Lee’s wife was not at the summer home at the time, a source said.”

    $20k bail? That’s like a Jackson to you and me. And he brought it in cash, probably from the corner ATM.

    I repeat. Guilty.

  3. The Duke of Deception

    Guy got hammered and banged a 20 year old roundeye.
    Maybe Walt can fill in the blanks…

  4. Al Dente

    Jason Lee? I bet he goes by his real name for the trial: Mi No Phuk

    • AJ

      Since it happened in ultra-liberal New York, if his middle name is Mohammed, will he get a free pass like the Rockefeller Center cabbie?

  5. CatoRenasci

    Could really be rape, could be something else, you never know with these things. His best case scenario is: he probably turned out to have a microscopic dick, came instantly when she dropped trou, and then left her high and dry. And, he’s a deep pocket. And (maybe) she had learned she didn’t get an offer….

    • BigMike

      If he came instantly, then high and dry she was not…
      Sounds like she was roofieeed’ up, but not enough to forget his name
      It’s probably a long time neighbor that’s now all grown up, has daddy issues, money issues, and other issues…

      And what happens in the Hampton’s, usually makes front page

      • Glad you sorted all that out for us, BM

      • CatoRenasci

        Thought it might have been a summer intern – figure a neighbor kid in the Hamptons (whatever her issues which you nicely outline) would have had this guy’s number long since and would have known how to party without getting an unwanted nailing. And her Daddy would have handled it quietly and expensively if it did happen. It’s the earnest college girls thrilled with the attention that this shit happens to – ask the Kopechne’s – not Hampton princesses.

        • BigMike

          Nice work detective
          Your theory sounds way better than mine
          Any idea where I can find a Hampton’s princess?

  6. Cobra

    As Slick Willie says, “Down with the pants…it’s time for romance.”

  7. BigMike

    A naked pool party was held at the house they were renting when the alleged assault occurred…
    What a cheap bastard btw…Makes 100k/week and can only spring for a 33k/month house.
    You get what you pay for I guess.
    Plus the 20k bail, and a time out from GS

    This could end up costing him tens of millions of future lost wages, plus the divorce…Asians are cheap bastards, and this is what happens when you go cheap…
    Would have been way better off dropping 250k/month on the rental
    Sending the wife out on a yacht with her BFF’s (50k)
    And calling in some real talent at 5-10k for the night

    So instead of looking like superman with the wind at his back
    He looks like the fat penguin from batman (D. Devito)

    Nice knowing you Jason
    Peace out homey

    • Anonymous

      funny. but true.

      how many of us out there have rentals that have had inquires from, shall we say, folks who prefer to remain anonymous (both themselves as well as their activities)?

      the “handler” makes all the arrangements. that’s probably an interesting job.

  8. Libertarian Advocate

    @BigMike: A GS colleague are you?

  9. BigMike

    Heard about Jay’s knock off party
    He’s always been a cheap bastard
    Flew his wife to South America for her screw on’s instead of paying the extra 10k to do it here.

  10. Sum Yung Poon

    He ruv her wrong time…….

  11. CEA

    He’s “on leave”?! ha ha ha. Even if the case is dropped, Jason Lee will never be darkening the door at 200 West Street. Goldman has you sign paperwork about “maintaining company reputation” and they will terminate him.

    • anonymous

      the company reputation: be a dick all you want at work, screw customers and toy with clients, but do that in your personal time, as Trump says, you’re fired. interesting double standard.

  12. Just_looking

    I find the interesting part being that the police were there on an unrelated matter, and then since they were already there this woman decided to approach them. If the police were not there, would she have called?

  13. Flash forward

    Whole family is f***ked. Whenever J Lee and Goldman are googled, they will get pages of rape coverage. So where will the say their son-father-husband worked? I’d rather be kin to Weiner.

  14. The New Normal

    I don’t think they had any kids – actually having to think about other people and be responsible for them might actually prevent one from being so selfish and destructive

    I worked with him at GS and he is a bit of a sociopath – always a bit “edgy” – but for those who knew who he truly was in his personal life none of this is a surprise and, in reality, it was only a matter of time before something like this occurred

    Such a shame, a lifetime of hard work and ambition flushed down the toilet….

    • CatoRenasci

      I think the word you’re looking for is hubris….

      Not so sure it’s such a shame, but then that may just be schadenfreude.