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Back Country well with problems

Back Country well with problems

Greenwich health officials are sending out a letter to homeowners who rely on private wells to have them tested for the pesticide chlordane, a suspected cancer-causing chemical.  The verdict’s still out on the danger of chlordane, I believe, but it’s no longer used as a pesticide, and you may want to see what you’re drinking just in case.

Our town lab isn’t equipped to test for these types of chemicals nor should it be, in my opinion; the equipment is expensive, the instances of pollution are predicted to be rare, and we’d just be duplicating the service available from private labs, a list of which will be provided homeowners in that same letter.

The town can test for the more common critters found in well water and you, or your well service company, should already be taking the occasional sample for testing.


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  1. anon$anon

    I’d tell the town what they can do with their tests. Most well owners expect their water to be full of iron and ground sediments that can be filtered out with a whole house filtration system that is commonplace in backcountry homes.
    I suspect there are a lot of garden sprays and lawn sprays and bug sprays that make it into my well system. Pesticides add that little je ne sais quoi to your glass of water. Man up.

  2. Skidmark Sam

    Can the Town send someone to my home to teach me how to wipe my butt?

    • Flash

      You’re inviting the public. Is your seat open? Or closed?
      The main reason public restrooms have open-front toilet seats is because of the Uniform Plumbing Code, section 409.2.2, which says that all toilets seats, with the exception of those in private homes, must have open fronts. This code is commonly upheld in most parts of the U.S., so that’s why you rarely see a home-style closed-front seat in public. While there is nothing saying that home bathrooms should use a closed-front seat, and most home suppliers offer open-front styles, the closed-front style remains standard for household toilets.

      • Steve Soreballs

        I could never understand the reason for the open-front style until once I squished my testicles between the rim and the seat. Ouch!

  3. FF

    Interestingly enough, I was out with a well-known local inspector who tells me that the water has very high levels of uranium – a shocker to me – and while it is easily remediated (for 10k), he has had a few clients who were buying houses from people with cancer who he tested in one case 200 times the EPA recommended dose.

    • Just shouldn’t buy a home in Los Alamos, is my advice.

    • anon$anon

      The EPA doesn’t know diddly. Their “science” is no more than clever manipulation of data to prove their agenda. To think that someone is spending $10k to remediate uranium is laughable. Do you not know that uranium is an element that has been in rocks since the earth was formed? It is also very prevalent in Connecticut and New York. Worrying about uranium in your private well is as stupid as worrying about arsenic in your apple juice.

      • This whole radioactivity thing is a shuck. Radon in basements? The US EPA plucked 0.04 picocuries from its collective buttocks as a “safe” level. Sweden, a country that bans drinking coffee while driving because of the danger from distracted driving, picked a level four time greater. Health authorities around the world took data from cancer incidences among uranium miners who spent 40 years underground breathing uranium 1,000 X what’s in your basemen (where presumably you don’t stay 8 hours a day) and extrapolated downwards, with the varying results described. One commercial jet flight from NYC to California will expose you to more radiation than if you were to spend 8 hours a day in that basement, yet an entire industry has sprung up to feed off the fears of homeowners, a fear instilled by EPA bureaucrats who need to keep dreaming u hazards to preserve their jobs.

  4. CF
    You get the point it is Budget Season here……attention is needed on all Departments, the Health gig is puny compared to the Department of Public Waste….Election Year here…..time to sell fear ?