Creek front sale reported

7 Ole's Creek

7 Ole’s Creek

7 Hendrie Drive, Ole’s Creek, $2.2 million. This was a nifty piece of property: 0.8 acres in the R-12 zone, high above any possible FEMA flood zone revision – not even a polar bear could climb this high – and of course, an incomparable view of Chateau de La Fontaine across the way. I’m surprised it didn’t sell for a premium.


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7 responses to “Creek front sale reported

  1. Long Time Central Greenwich Resident

    Was this property where the boatyard used to be?

    • No, that’s for sale, and probably will be for a looong time – between DEP restrictions preventing a profitable boat yard to be run there, zoning restorations on any other kind of commercial use, and a challenging site for a residence, I’m not sure what will happen to it.
      This house is up two more bends in the creek (heading south, towards the Sound).

  2. Publius

    Nice to see a house built in 1958 being sold by original owner; don’t see that too often these days………..

    • Flash

      Doing the numbers, if purchased at 25, now 55 years later, owner is at least 80…and I wonder if the grandkids mow the lawn?

      • Publius

        Back in the day a 25 year old could afford to live in Greenwich…..

        • Cobra

          In the summer of 1972, when I was age 26, I bought my first house…a nice little Cape on Field Road in Riverside.The individual who bought it in 1977 still lives there!

  3. Cos Cobber

    This would have been better shared under your Taranto / Spinal Tap blog entry as it is unrelated to RE. I meant to post this the other day.

    Two word review for your blog: Happy Friday.