Another black-on-white killing. No comment from our leader, but Jesse Jackson weighs in on the Oklahoma killing of Chris Lane

Jesse and the Rev. Al frowning on racial violence

Jesse and the Rev. Al frowning on racial violence

88-year-old  Willy Belton beaten to death with flashlights wielded by two black teens but President Obama refused comment because, he said, “if I had a grandfather he sure as hell wouldn’t look like Willy, so what’s it to me?”

The Reverend Jackson, however, in an eloquent and no-nonsense statement, did address the Oklahoma killing yesterday, Tweeting his follower, “The killing of Chris Lane is frowned upon” –  just about exactly the same deep remorse and anger he expressed after Trayvon Martin’s death.

So that’s a relief.


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30 responses to “Another black-on-white killing. No comment from our leader, but Jesse Jackson weighs in on the Oklahoma killing of Chris Lane

  1. Reader

    If I had a grandfather, he would look like Willy Belton

  2. anon$anon

    The black community can’t be bothered to comment, the president included, because they are too busy living in the past, spending more time revering their icon MLK than taking an honest look at the problems of black youth today. This weekend is the 50th anniversary of MLK’s speech (cue Obama addressing the nation) with hundreds of thousands expected to be in DC. Trayvon’s mother will be on the dais and others will be protesting voter ID. All nothing more than to keep the word victim attached to the black so that when thugs like the two in Washington kill an 88 year old, the leaders like Jesse Jackson can blame white society for their ills and feel no compunction to find serious solutions.
    The blacks who do speak out are crucified by fellow blacks who call them names etc. MLK was a man of honor and peace. His son wouldn’t look like Trayvon, that’s for sure.

    • Brian

      MLK would be a Uncle Tom Black Republican by today’s standards and that is a fact and very sad but true. Anyone who says otherwise has not read his speeches and is ignorant. Oh wait, ignorant is now not nery PC. I can’t say nothing.

  3. Al Dente

    How sad that the ignorant and incompetent masses look to the great blue bird (Twitter) to see what the exalted ignorant and incompetent ones have to say on the crucial issues of our time. Who gives a Ho Li Phuk. We are doomed.

  4. Anonymous

    But the severe challenges of poverty, family breakdown, gangs, and a pervasive culture of violence that is part of the creation of a near-permanent underclass is largely the result of the social pathologies that grew out of the welfare state that arose in the aftermath of the march, not white racism. That these problems were the unintentional result of good intentions gone awry rather than prejudice is ironic but it is one that is largely lost on the race hucksters.

    • That these problems were the unintentional result of good intentions

      Like hell they were.

      • Brian

        Then what would you suggest. More Food Stamps and Unemployment checks to really help motivate people to work. News Flash Hunger and No money motivates people to find work. Ask any Latino from Mexico. Oh wait Obama has been sending Latino’s back and breaking up homes at an alarming rate to open up jobs for his people only to find his people are not very keen on that work thing when they can just collect from the hand outs. The sad part is Chicano and Mexican activists have been silenced by Obama and his IRS officers. Latino people wake up, Obama does not care about you, he is seperating more familes than all of the other presidents combined and yet you vote for him blinded by the spanish news media that all live in nice homes and have thier visa’s approved no questions asked.

        • Anonymous

          30% of the American welfare rolls are made up of ‘Latino-americans’. They aren’t as dumb as you think they are Brian.

    • t

      Who said these problems were unintentional? LBJ’s libtard great society is a trillion dollar bizness and if you bother to look around, you’ll notice-especially in foreign policy- that the only thing the US govt is good at -besides spending other peoples money- is, destabilization.

  5. Anonymous Citizenette

    The black community just doesn’t get it and its getting worse with dear leader in charge. He does get it and intentionally fuels the fire with his racist comments and behavior.

  6. GFY

    Don’t understand your faux outrage. Here’s the difference: in OK and Spokane (?), the black teenagers were promptly arrested and will very likely be convicted (that’s the correct response and does not warrant any civil protest)

    • It’s the response, or lack of it, from our Professional Blacks, including the Great Divider himself, that sparks the outrage.
      Mr. Zimmerman, by the way, called the police himself.

    • Brian

      So Black mobs beating up white people is the correct response for Treyvon Martin. Your saying then it’s okay if the arrest is not made right away.

    • housecat

      There’s nothing phony about it. You don’t get to change the narrative because these subsequent cases are unflattering and unhelpful to the Treyvon meme. Florida’s Stand your Ground law is what stopped the police from initially arresting Zimmerman. Find as much fault as you want to with the law and how it’s interpreted by the police, but those are the (inconvenient) facts.
      The reluctance of the cops to arrest Zimmerman may have been the reason people protested at first, but for obvious reasons, the message of the protests have changed. If the fact that people are gunned down or beaten to death because of their skin color bothers you, then it should bother you full stop. If you pick and choose which victims are “worthy” of sympathy based on their skin color, then you aren’t much better than the perpetrators. And, frankly, I think you already know that.

  7. Walt

    Dude –
    What about this one, needle dick? A 27 year old white guy is walking to his car. Three blacks drive past him, back the car up, and one gets out and shoots him dead. Gets back in the car and they drive away. The police caught them, but they are calling it a failed robbery, rather than a hate crime. Even though the shooter didn’t take his cash, wallet, or car keys!!

    And the baseball player that got shot in Oklahoma? The MSM is saying the perps – that means the bad guys Dude – were two blacks and one white!! The one guy is half black and half white. JUST LIKE THE COMMIE IN CHIEF!! So why is the perp white but the Chosen One black? BECAUSE IT BETTER FITS THE PROPOGANDA EFFORT BARRY WANTS THE MSM TO PERPETUATE!!

    Whites can NEVER be the subject of hate crimes. Blacks can never be racist. IT’S TOTAL BULLSHIT!! But Barry is winning. As Rudolph Hitler once said, “If you tell a big enough lie, and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed”. Barry is a master of it, and the stuff he is getting away with will forever change this Country for the worse.

    What do you think? Balloon Head.
    Your Pal,

  8. Al Dente

    I think I’m beginning to figure out this whole thing. The panacea that many folks envisioned has instead become a dystopian nightmare.

    It would be like an alcoholic’s best friend inheriting a bar. Yahoooooo! Free champagne forever! But instead he kicks the sot out who has to sit in the alley sucking bum wine swill while the Proprietor’s new friends drink the Dom. “This isn’t working out for me at all! ”

    Speaking of bum wine, I love this website:

  9. Brian

    Well said Walt,
    Blacks are enjoying perverse power right now. This is the result. The left and the lib media hide the truth. Wait until it’s all over in three years and we never see another black in power because of the long term damage Obama has done. Blacks are in trouble and have never been worse off. The President of Black America (based on him only defending people who look like him) has made Black America worse off than they were under Bush (How bout them Apples Kayne) and I hate to admit it but it’s going to get worse before it gets better. The feast and famine welfare culture is self destructing one city at a time. Goodbye Detroit. Speaking the truth is not racist. Ignoring the truth is.
    Key media code words and strategies
    Black on White violence = Random
    White on Black violence = Racist
    Black on Latino violence = Gang related
    Latino on Black = Call the Latino White
    Conservetive Scandle = Republican
    Liberal Scandle = Republican attack

    • AJ

      Meet the Left’s Obama Clone:
      ‘Cory Booker: hope, hype – and heir to Barack Obama?’

      ‘The young Democrat mayor who cleaned up Newark, New Jersey is being tipped as a possible 2016 presidential candidate. But his detractors say he is just a political publicity-seeker’

      “If Cory Booker were a television character you might think the writers were over-egging things a bit. Tall, athletic, handsome, he is an ambitious American politician with a flair for drama. He rescues a woman from a burning building, saves a freezing dog, chases a scissor-wielding mugger, invites hurricane Sandy victims to share his home, helps a nervous constituent propose to his girlfriend.

      He champions the poor, vaults over rivals to become mayor of a benighted city and enlists tycoons to help transform it. He lights up social media and chatshows and is dubbed the nation’s most eligible bachelor. At the precocious age of 44, he wins a Senate seat and plots a run for the White House.

      That last sentence is fictional – for now. Booker, the mayor of Newark, is heavily favoured to become the junior senator for New Jersey in an October election. After which his name will join those of Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden as a mooted Democratic candidate for the top job in 2016.

      Celebrities already appear on board. Oprah Winfrey has called him “a rock star”. Jon Stewart dubbed him “the superhero mayor of Newark”. Ellen DeGeneres gave him a superhero costume after the fire rescue.

      In an unusual move, President Barack Obama has dispatched key members of his own election team to guide Booker’s elevation to Washington. The notion of America’s first black president handing the reins to another black man is no longer completely outlandish. …”

  10. weakleyhollow

    The liberal dialectic states that blacks, by definition, can’t be racist. It follows that you can’t have a black on white hate crime unless the white guy is gay. So get over it.

    • Just as Stephanie Paulmeno can’t be sexist because she’s a female Democrat. If, just for a fun mind game, Sarah Palin had said “there’s rape, and there’s date rape”, the Left would erupt in fury. A Liberal? No problem, just as liberals can call Clarence Thomas or Condaleeza Rice house niggers and Uncle Toms and giggle over cartoons depicting Rice as the slave sex toy of George Bush without comment.

  11. anon

    Came inside to prepare lunch and saw a few minutes of Rev. Al speaking at the march. MLK would roll over in his grave to see Al ( and Jesse) as the spokesmen for black mankind. The Dems even flew Nancy Pelosi for a few poorly chosen words. Where are conservative blacks today? No Condi Rice? No Dr. Ben Carson? No David Webb? No Crystal Wright? Seems to me if you truly wanted to respect the legacy of MLK, blacks of all political points if view should be invited to speak. As far as I can tell, today is a self serving meaningless waste of time and money. MSNBC is sure lapping it up, nonstop coverage. I’m glad my lunch break was brief. Back outside with TV off again.

  12. Babylon Sister

    On that note, anyone seen “The Butler” yet? I watched it last night… not sure I’d call it a movie… more like a two-hour campaign ad. Shameless Hollwood malpractice in ideologically-driven fiction. The only thing missing was the “I’m Barack Obama, and I approve this message” disclaimer.

    Gotta hand it to Oprah, though — talented actress!

  13. AJ

    Ironically, the first slave owner in the American colonies, was himself a black man. From Wikipedia: “Anthony Johnson was a black Angolan held as an indentured servant by a merchant in the Colony of Virginia in 1620, but later freed to become a successful tobacco farmer and property owner. Notably, he was the first true slave owner: that is, the first to hold a black African servant as a slave in the mainland American colonies. Upon his death in 1670, a court ruled that he was “a negro and by consequence, an alien”, and the colony seized his land” — Sometimes the things you get started turn around to bite you on the ass.

  14. Anonymous2

    Willy Belton was just another typical white person. Nothing to see here. Move along….