Wag the Dog

Captain Crunch, reporting for duty

Captain Crunch, reporting for duty

With his poll ratings at an all-time low and the new puppy ploy having already lost momentum despite bestowing a Muslim name, “Sunni”,  on the pooch,  the Leader of the Free world tries another gambit: Warships to Syria. Reached for comment, Greenwich Democrat spokesman Bill Gaston explained the latest development to FWIW: “Bush Chaney! Benghazi! No blood for Oil! Bush lied so others died! Bushbushbushbushbush!”

Then he keeled over, asphyxiated.


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  1. Cobra

    O/T, How does one create an avatar that differs from the one automatically assigned to readers?

  2. AJ

    “Hundreds of videos showing apparent victims of a chemical weapons attack in Syria were uploaded to YouTube on August 20, a day before media reports say the attack actually happened, prompting Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokesman to assert the incident was a “pre-planned” provocation staged by rebels.

    As PBS reports, “At around 3 a.m. (on August 21st) , patients started streaming in from neighborhoods in suburban Damascus like Zamalka and Ain Terma,” following the alleged chemical weapons attack.

    However, a playlist of videos entitled ‘Alleged Chemical Attack in Eastern Ghouta August 21st 2013‘ contains 159 videos – every one of which was uploaded to YouTube on August 20th.

    While no one is denying that some kind of attack did indeed take place, the fact that hundreds of videos showing victims of the attack were uploaded to YouTube a day before the incident is supposed to have actually happened remains unexplained.

    The time stamp attributed to uploaded videos applies to the country in which they were uploaded, meaning that the videos were uploaded in Syria on August 20th, which is seemingly impossible given that the attack took place in the early hours of the 21st. The only way the videos could display as being uploaded on the 20th was if they were uploaded in America, which is on an earlier time zone. …”


  3. Anonymous

    the captain crunch moniker is very funny…but sad b/c its so true

  4. Libertarian Advocate

    This is the one I was talking about Chris.