Well, they didn’t have any use for the old one, so why not?

Obama flag flies again in Washington.

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the Obama State of Amerika

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the Obama State of Amerika


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16 responses to “Well, they didn’t have any use for the old one, so why not?

  1. anon$anon

    Isn’t it a federal offense to alter the American flag? What company made these obscene flags and why hasn’t it been forced to shut down? It’s one thing to put Obama’s face on a poster of an American flag, but on an actual waving flag? This is beyond disgusting.

  2. anon$anon

    PS: Someone pointed out at Twitchy that the woman carrying the flag is a public school teacher!!!

  3. Anon

    There is a federal flag code “should never have placed upon it or any part of it, any marks, insignia, letters, words, figures, designs, picture or drawings of any nature.”

    • Fair enough – the right of free speech is more important than a mere flag. But if that’s really a public school teacher* waving such a disrespectful banner, it says a lot about who we’ve entrusted our children to.

      *UPDATE: yes it is – blow up the picture and that’s an NEA T shirt she’s wearing.

  4. Was the woman holding the staff allowed to touch the flag ?
    Union rules ?

  5. anon22

    o/t but late today I was reading some of your posts from 2005. Specifically, the one re the good old days of real estate when in 2005, 535 North Street sold for a cool $14m to a GS senior exec (female I might add). It might be fun during the last days of August, while everyone is either still away or preparing the kidlets for back to school, to post some vintage FWIW.

  6. AJ

    If Obama told these people to drink the cool aid, they probably would; if he told them to remove all the metal from their clothing so the they could be teleported to the starship hiding in the tail of the comet as it passes, they probably would. These are not fully developed mature adults who have a desperate need to belong to something. Unfortunately, they are easily swayed and allowed to vote. In third world countries, they are known as rabble and are easily bought off, even with promises they know will never be fulfilled but sound good, nonetheless.

  7. Anonymous Citizenette

    Like MLK, I too have a dream. That I didn’t have to support the folks who were marching.

  8. sunbeam43

    This just drives me nuts!!! And the NEA slug is tragic! Good grief…..no wonder our kids are so screwed up, with these types of educators!