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Greenwich Democrats come up with a replacement candidate and he’s an improvement

Drew Marzullo welcomes his new over boss

Drew Marzullo welcomes his new over boss

Name to be revealed by Friday, Captain Fudrucker Keno promises, but as usual, FWIW has the answer before Greenwich Time thinks to ask the question.

As Democrat Stephanie Paulmeno fielded media inquiries about her withdrawal from the first selectman’s race by phone Monday night, Democratic leaders met to discuss their leads for a replacement candidate.

“We always have good candidates sort of waiting in the wings,” said party Chairman Frank Farricker.

“We are very confident that we will have a very qualified candidate ready by Friday,” Farricker said.

What do they want, who can meet the Democrats’ rigid criteria? A progressive, someone more capable of thought than a tape worm or, same thing,  Mummy Ramadamadingdong Tamm, and most important, someone who can keep his mouth shut when asked to explain the difference between rapey-rape and date-rape? I present to you …the stuffed corpse of Jeremy Bentham!

“We’ve tried dummies that talked,” Farricker explained to FWIW’s ace field reporter Scuzie Cupkake,  “and the results sucked. We’re hoping for better with Jeremy. And this time, we’ll make sure the strings are securely attached.”


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Feckless Idiot without a net

Or a teleprompter. A reader sends along this video of the man who’s about to lead us into war, trying to explain … something. To think that they made fun of Bush.


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This isn’t reassuring

FBI document dump reveals how it completely blew the Fort Hood shooter investigation. Intercepted hundreds of emails from Nidal Hasan to radical imam, couldn’t link them together, delayed investigating him for months and then conducted a cursory investigation before concluding he was not a threat. Aside from the needless deaths this incompetence caused, it raises the suspicion that this is the usual quality of performance exercised by our investigative agencies, in which case we’re in even more trouble than we thought.

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And Ramadamadingdong’s position is what, other than supine?

Greenwich Democratic School Advisory Council

Greenwich Democratic School Advisory Council

Cos Cobber sends along this link to an opinion piece on racial redistricting in today’s Greenwich Time by Republican BOE members Peter Sherr and, it says here, Herr Pieter von Braun. Some interesting proposals, and a revelation, certainly not publicly admitted by  School Superintendent McKersie) that we are probably already in legal compliance with Connecticut’s racial quota law.

First, what’s been somehow lost in the board’s work on this issue is that moving kids, whether voluntary or involuntary, is unnecessary. A team of lawyers, all parent volunteers, have carefully examined the law and concluded that Greenwich is already in compliance with state mandates. Because Hamilton Avenue, Dundee, Julian Curtiss, and New Lebanon are magnet schools, they are designated as “unique schools” under state education regulations and exempt from the strict racial target system. Therefore, the Greenwich BOE need not take any further action beyond regular reporting of student body demographics.

Read the whole piece to see what these two propose, but the question Cos Cobber asks, as do I, is where are the Democrats on this issue? Not a single Democrat has dared stick her head above ground to say what she thinks about all this, and their arrogant silence is directly attributable to Greenwich’s crazy non-election election system that simply gives each of the two parties a place on the School Board. Ramadama’s been coached by her bosses, I’m sure, to just shut up, chant a couple of long Ommmmms in her dark closet and stroll up to Town Hall to collect her seat come November. Since we won’t change that system I suppose we deserve what we get, but my, isn’t justice cruel?

School Board meeting this Thursday, by the way, 7:00 PM at the high school. I might attend, if only to ask what happened to the legal opinion on challenging the state’s entire racial districting scheme, commissioned last July and surely completed by now.


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Drew Marzullo: Ignorant, and proud of it

Stick to your knitting, Drew

Stick to your knitting, Drew

Our Third Selectman’s out with an opinion piece in Greenwich Time urging a ban on machine guns (barred for civilian use since the days of Elliot Ness), “cop-killer” bullets (prohibited by federal law since 1988) and a ban on all hunting ammunition. Drew doesn’t say all that explicitly, of course, because he doesn’t know anything about what he’s talking about and is merely parroting words put in his mouth by his masters, but that’s exactly what his proposals amount to, no more, no less.

So Drew, here’s a suggestion from someone who knows as much about emergency medical care as you do about guns: ban the Hiney – Lick Maneuver; it’s both unsanitary and undignified for professionals like yourself.

Yours in stupidity,



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Doing for us what we’d like to do for ourselves

Can't we just use juice cans and string?

Can’t we just use juice cans and string?

Syrian hackers shut down the New York Times. Impressive or  scary, or both: we live on a fragile tightrope.

UPDATE, 8:30:  site is still down.


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Contract on Gatefield Drive

28 Gatefield Drive

28 Gatefield Drive

Reported today, 28 Gatefield Drive, asking $3.795 million, is under contract. Nice house, and a good price for the seller, but I wonder if he thinks it was worth keeping the property in showing condition for 746 days as he slowly worked his price down from $4.650? I wouldn’t.

It’s an Ogilvy listing, however, so at least there’ll be no 10% Buffet Give Back fee.


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Warren Buffet buys Prudential Connecticut

Your money's safe in Washington, but you do get a hearty handshake

 Your money’s safe in Washington, and you get a hearty handshake

In fact, he seems to have snapped up all of Prudential’s business nationwide, but the sale of the Connecticut and Rhode Island portions was announced today. Buffet’s been buying into a number of industries, like newspapers, that most investors have written off as dying relics. I’d have included traditional real estate brokerages in that category but I’m not Warren Buffet, and surely he sees value where I can’t.

As an example of my short-sightedness, I’d have thought that the new Buffet “GIVE BACK” program, which imposes a special fee on sales by its millionaire customers would be unpopular: not so, if Greenwich resident Carole Dollard’s reaction is typical. Dollard, founding member of Buffet’s tax-us-millionaires club, PatrioticAmericans.org. and whose Taconic Road horse farm is presently listed with Brad Hvolbeck/Prudential Realty for $23.5 million, told FWIW, “I’m delighted. I’ve been quite troubled by the fact that while I pay no income tax, my bootblacks and stable boys pay as much as 30%. Now, with the Give Back Program, 10% of my farm’s sale proceeds will be automatically deducted and sent directly to Washington, where they can be spent to help Hezbollah,  Al Qaeda-in-Syria freedom fighters, and the NEA. I couldn’t be more pleased, and I think it’s just wonderful that Brad has promised to match all such deductions from his own pocket – that Bradley: such a mensch!”

So maybe it will all work out; stay tuned.


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What’s cheaper than free?

Obama reassures his troops: Martin Luther King supports ObamaKare, and promises that the program will cost them less than an ObamaPhone. Black Democrats, meantime, bemoan the deterioration of race relations since the Great Divider’s election.


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Strikes me as rich, but we’ll see

129 Dingletown Rd

129 Dingletown Rd

129 Dingletown (corner of Stanwich, down a cliff) was  a terrific, modernized caretaker’s cottage when it sold via bidding war ($1.485 asked, $1.494 got) in March of 2012. The new owners have renovated it again  and have now put it back up for sale at $3.449 million. I like this house and its location, and there’s even some nostalgia value, for me: Pal Nancy lived there after college with the owners’ granddaughter. That said, $3.5 million? For two acres (with, I believe, an easement across) and a small home?  I haven’t seen it yet, though I’m sure I’ll like it a lot, but that price gives me pause. Speaking just for myself, if someone came to me with this listing expecting to more than double his money a year after he purchased it, renovations notwithstanding, I wouldn’t bite. There’s a saying in the legal profession, “your most profitable cases are the ones you don’t take.” I stand by that bit of wisdom.


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Ramadamadingdong Tamm for First Selectman

It didn't work for John Blankley, but Ramadamadingdong's time has come

It didn’t work for John Blankley, but perhaps Ramadamadingdong’s time has come

Stephanie Paulnemo’s abandonment of her quest for high political office may have saved Greenwich Democrats from one embarrassment, but leaves them with another: they have no one left to run for office. As things now stand, Republicans Peter Tesei and that other guy (someone must know his name, but I don’t) will take the first two slots unopposed, and Democratic ambulance chaser Drew Marzullo will automatically inherit the third. That’s a shame – we pride ourselves on holding sham elections in this town, and we need the Democrats to put up some sacrificial lambs if we’re to maintain the pretense. Why not Ramadamdingdong?

As I pointed out earlier, we’re already going to entrust our children and 80% of the town budget to this guru’s disciple; what’s so special about the remaining 20%? Three cheers for pyramid power!


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Ridgeview Avenue foreclosure hits the market

9 Ridgeview Exterior

9 Ridgeview Exterior (question: if they’ll go to the trouble of photoshopping in clouds, why not make the weeds go away?)

9 Ridgeview Ave is now up for sale by the company that bought its paper, and asking $2.999 million. I’d be in no rush to pay that: the place has sat empty for four years and last time I heard of an inspection done on its carcass, the news was not good. The failed owners paid $2.3555 for this 0.98 parcel (RA-1 zone) in July, 2007 so there’s your land value as of the height of the market. The house itself? I doubt you’d find a builder willing to finish it, because of liability exposure and the uncertainty of what’s happened to the basic structure during its long period of neglect.

n.b.: there’s a $4.7 million mortgage shown on the land records for this place – no telling how much of that was actually advanced before construction was abandoned, but whatever went out won’t be coming back.

Stairway to nowhere

Stairway to nowhere

Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 10.34.34 AM

9 Ridgeview

9 Ridgeview


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