What’s cheaper than free?

Obama reassures his troops: Martin Luther King supports ObamaKare, and promises that the program will cost them less than an ObamaPhone. Black Democrats, meantime, bemoan the deterioration of race relations since the Great Divider’s election.


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7 responses to “What’s cheaper than free?

  1. the center of spermology and yet nothing on the Miley Cyrus sensation sweeping the nation?

  2. AJ

    It’s amazing how cheaply you can buy someone’s loyalty. The Obama phone offers you the option of texting, or making international calls. You can have either, but you can’t have both. You can get the same exact phone, a Samsung 3G, at Walmart that offers both texting and international calls with 200 free minute for only $14.95.

  3. Anonymous

    keep fountain in web, you know?