Contract on Gatefield Drive

28 Gatefield Drive

28 Gatefield Drive

Reported today, 28 Gatefield Drive, asking $3.795 million, is under contract. Nice house, and a good price for the seller, but I wonder if he thinks it was worth keeping the property in showing condition for 746 days as he slowly worked his price down from $4.650? I wouldn’t.

It’s an Ogilvy listing, however, so at least there’ll be no 10% Buffet Give Back fee.


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6 responses to “Contract on Gatefield Drive

  1. anon22

    i love seeing a house so well maintained by current owners. this one is spotless. a move-in ready home is a rare treat.

    • Yeah yeah yeah, clean floors, no dust under the bed and a million bucks taken off the price: which factor do you think was most instrumental in its finding a buyer?

      • anon22

        well sure, I get that it was the price that brought in the buyer but my pernt is how nice to get the price you want and have it move-in ready. A two-fer so to speak.

  2. AJ

    Are you serious about this 10% giveback thing? Ten percent of what, and out of whose pocket?

    • Well no, AJ, I’m not, but it’d be fun to see how many liberal millionaires switched their listings to Prudential to show their solidarity with Warren, wouldn’t it?

  3. AJ

    Okay, I wasn’t sure because Buffet, Gates, Soros, Obama and their kind do have a tendency to go off the deep end from time to time; especially in suggesting that money come out someone else’s pocket, which breaks what is, in my opinion, one of the cardinal rules of business: he who gets the idea gets to pay for it, aka, put your money where your mouth is.