Ramadamadingdong Tamm for First Selectman

It didn't work for John Blankley, but Ramadamadingdong's time has come

It didn’t work for John Blankley, but perhaps Ramadamadingdong’s time has come

Stephanie Paulnemo’s abandonment of her quest for high political office may have saved Greenwich Democrats from one embarrassment, but leaves them with another: they have no one left to run for office. As things now stand, Republicans Peter Tesei and that other guy (someone must know his name, but I don’t) will take the first two slots unopposed, and Democratic ambulance chaser Drew Marzullo will automatically inherit the third. That’s a shame – we pride ourselves on holding sham elections in this town, and we need the Democrats to put up some sacrificial lambs if we’re to maintain the pretense. Why not Ramadamdingdong?

As I pointed out earlier, we’re already going to entrust our children and 80% of the town budget to this guru’s disciple; what’s so special about the remaining 20%? Three cheers for pyramid power!


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12 responses to “Ramadamadingdong Tamm for First Selectman

  1. Anonymous

    Why don’t you and Walt run on an independent slate, it would be a landslide.

  2. Anonymous

    I am just now catching up to this story. I don’t understand why Dems were so upset if Paulmeno won over Marzullo—it’s a Dem in office?

    And, you said it right….elections in this Town are a total banana republic sham.

  3. Walt

    Dude –
    You should run. No worries. I will be your campaign manager, set the strategy, and write all your speeches. All you have to do is smile a lot, know how to bullshit people, and not shit your pampers. Just like what you do all day right now!! Well maybe not the smiling part, but we can fix that. You pissy little bastard. Other than that, you are PERFECT for the job.

    Any skeleton’s in the closet I should know about? Sandusky issues? Caught with any gerbils in strange places? Although these probably aren’t an issue anymore, considering the Libtards views a “cultist” and date rape as totally acceptable.

    Money won’t be an issue. I can get the GHS Cheerleaders to do a few car washes for us. Plus I can get the Beemer’s Babes to solicit funds on the Avenue. Meaning campaign contributions, you disgusting little pervert.

    Think about it and let me know, and I will get cracking on some snappy campaign slogans.

    Anyhows, did you see this? Connecticut is 45th out of the 58 states in charitable giving. WE ARE CHEAP BASTARDS!! And the Red states are MUCH more charitable than the Blue states. Which makes total sense, right? The Libtards want to give everything away, they just want someone other than themselves to pay for it:

    Your Pal,

  4. Reality check: did For What It’s Worth just take down Paulmeno? (To be precise, she took herself down, but FWIW noticed the empress had no clothes.)

    Chris, you can be happy with yourself. Good going.

  5. anon

    Correction: Marzullo can not be an ambulance chaser, he drives the ambulance, so he can’t chase himself. He could be some other kind of a chaser, like a chubby chaser, but not an ambulance chaser.

  6. GPD Folk

    The Second Selectman is Dave Theis…Good Man….if I do say so myself

  7. Anonymous

    Why don’t they just create a perfect candidate, like this guy tried to do: