McKersie: Greenwich schools aren’t so bad after all, eh?

We're better than them, at least

At least we’re better than them!

All 24,000 applicants – every single one of them – fail Liberian college’s entrance exam.

A generation of war is blamed; that and, for the first time, bribes were prohibited.

[Test administrator] Jallah told Voice of America that the test has not changed significantly since last year. He instead focused on making the students’ passage contingent on test scores alone — no bribes, pleas nor social connections would be entered into account. “There is a perception in our society largely that once you take the University of Liberia admission exam, if you do not pay money to someone, or if you do not have appropriate connections, you would not be placed on the results list,” he said. “So, the university has been grappling with how they could manage the process whereby people’s abilities would be truly measured on the basis of their performance on the examination.”

Don’t try this at Yale.

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  1. Riverside Chick

    Sad news regarding 10th grader at GHS takes own life after first day of school. Unbelievably sad.