The scary part is Glenn Reynold’s comment at the end – I’m beginning to believe it myself

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From InstaPundit:


Talk about a cry for help. The Saudis have apparently judged President Obama to be rudderless in his Middle East policies, judging by their recent diplomatic moves toward Russia: They appear to have plied Putin with a deal to collude in the global oil market, while also urging him to distance himself from Syria’s Butcher Assad.. . .

This is jaw-dropping stuff, to say the least. Nothing was signed in this closed-door meeting between Putin and Bandar—Putin requested time for both countries to look into the specifics of such a deal. But the mere fact that our allies felt like they needed to go this route signals that something is seriously awry in President Obama’s Middle East approach.

And from Reynolds: “Ya think? It’s almost as if Obama is trying to weaken our position internationally.”


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5 responses to “The scary part is Glenn Reynold’s comment at the end – I’m beginning to believe it myself

  1. anon$anon

    All the while the Middle East is aswirl in fighting, rather than deal with Syria and Russia, Obama finds it more important to be a civil rights leader today, asking his followers to forget all about MLK and remember what he, Obama, has done.

    As a special treat for you folks who thought it was nauseating to see the American flag with Obama’s face on it, take a look at what some have done to poor MLK’s face at today’s rally. Hold on to your stomach, it’s bad.

    Frank Thorp V @frankthorpNBC
    “Trayvon Martin Luther King Jr” shirts for sale at a rally for the #MOW50

  2. towny

    Nothing new here.
    Assad does 20 billion dollars worth of biz with Putin every year. Sombody thinks Putin is going to give that up easily?

    And anyway, the entire middle east foreign policy is to play the superpowers against each other. Always has been.

  3. Yos


    Given what we’ve seen, it would be irrational to assume otherwise.