Just say no

Mayor in training

Mayor in training

Josh Barro: NYC needs a mayor who’s willing to let the subway kittens die. I heard this story on the radio yesterday and was appalled. Barro was too.

The next mayor of New York, if he or she is to do a good job, will have to say “no” a lot.

“No” to public employee unions who want a retroactive raise the city can’t afford. “No” to city councilmembers who will try to spend every tax dollar that comes in instead of rebuilding the city’s reserve funds. “No” to NIMBYs who don’t want anything new built in their neighborhoods. “No” to commuters seeking relief from fare increases, bridge tolls, parking fines, and an alleged “war on cars.”

Today, Dan Amira gave the candidates a “no” test, and only Republican Joe Lhota passed it. The question was: Would you shut down two subway lines for 90 minutes to save a couple of kittens who are loose on the tracks, as NYC Transit did yesterday?

Christine Quinn said she would. Bill Thompson said he would “work” to save the kittens. Anthony Weiner said he wouldn’t just shut down the subway, he’d personally crawl across the third rail to rescue them. John Catsimatidis submitted a few noncommittal lines of poetry.

Only Lhota gave the correct answer: No, you do not strand thousands of New Yorkers for 90 minutes in a futile effort to herd two cats whose lives we are inexplicably prioritizing over the rats who are run over, or drowned, or exterminated in the subways every day.

The most terrifying aspect of this campaign is that New York is poised to elect its first non-asshole mayor since Abe Beame. There’s a reason big cities elect mayors like Mike Bloomberg and Rudy Giuliani and Rahm Emanuel and Richard Daley and Ed Rendell. The mayor’s main job is to say “no.” Those guys are good at saying “no.” Lhota is the only person in the field who resembles them.


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9 responses to “Just say no

  1. CosHarbour

    Gotta give it to ya Chris-You’re posting best photos ever these days.

  2. Flyangler

    The two leading Dem candidates are both boasting of being Progressives, what more do we have to know about their fitness to run Gotham at this delicate time?

  3. Anonymous

    thats his grandson

  4. Anonymous Citizenette

    You say NYC is poised to elect its first non-asshole mayor since Beame? Oh I beg to differ, these mayoral candidates are all assholes of the finest order.

    • Just to be clear, it was Josh Barro, from Business Insider, who said that – I wholeheartedly agree with him (and with you, come to that, I think we’re just talking about a different type of asshole), but credit where credit is due.

  5. Reader

    I wonder whether the election of one of these morons to run NYC will make the decision to leave NYC and to move one’s family to Greenwich more attractive. All of the Dems are running on “soak the rich” platforms.

  6. Anonymous

    Chris, you have a way of finding the most incredible stories.

    NY Times has a doozy write-up on Thompson who is clearly, factually described as on the take as Comptroller. But, hey, lets now make him Mayor.


    I think what’s bad for NYC is bad for Greenwich. People are kidding themselves that what happens in NYC, stays in NYC. Just take a 6am commuter train in the morning to see the connection.

  7. Coga Goata

    Broom Lhota is useless without Witch Rudy! Mad Money Kramer, Mad Mayor Lhota, Nassti Giuliani! Goata Lhota is on his last coda!