Summer draws closer to fall

The garden was hammered this year by all the rain, but some good things survived, and today was harvest time for part of it.




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4 responses to “Summer draws closer to fall

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    Each tomato only cost $3,75

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    yeah, been there done that. Raised boxed beds can become swimming pools. What worked for me was perlite mix on top and sandy loam in the bottom. Dug a channel round the bottom of the boxes for drainage. Built a couple of 4x4x4 chicken wire compost bins and had a landscaper friend fill it up with leaves/grass. Then i grind the leaves up with a weed whacker and mix in a few bags of pre composted bags of cow manure in with the composting leaves -as it helps to leach the salt outta the cow crap. The only drawback of having quick permeating, good draining soil is that you gotta hand water all the time. damn, i sure do miss the gardens

    • I hadn’t experienced the swimming pool result with raised beds before, but I haven’t used them in as wet a summer as this before, either. Thanks for the tip re: perlite and drainage channels. I’ll definitely try both next year.