This is probably not going to end well

Reporting for duty

Reporting for duty

A band of ambitious incompetents are in charge of the country, led by, get this: John Kerry (!).

A year ago, Obama boxed himself with his stupid, amateurish talk about “a red line” in Syria. Assad’s  now called his bluff : Obama has to act or be exposed as the weakling that he is, but how to do that without offending his base or being asked by Norway to send back his Nobel Peace Prize?

Enter John Kerry, the bicycle riding Francophile who looks so silly in lycra tighty-shorts, who’s desperate to prove he can be every bit as butch as Hillary Clinton. If the country is lucky, he and Obama will order a few missiles fired across Assad’s palace and call it a day – certainly their Democrat allies in Congress seem unwilling to agree to more than that – but what the Europeans worry about is that these two buffoons, after blustering and failing, will keep ratcheting it up until the Middle East explodes. Kerry really, really wants to be president. If Assad doesn’t fold after the first salvo of missiles, will Kerry accept defeat and watch his dream die, or will he commit us to full-on war? Before you answer that, remember: this man still thinks he won the election of 2000.

For Kerry, the Syria crisis is an opportunity to step out of the shadows of both Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and establish himself anew in front of the American people. Kerry has long shuddered at the thought that he’s dovish or too soft, and his aides have privately argued that he’s been more forward leaning on a Syria strike than some other administration officials.

Obama, aware that the American people are weary of war, has thus far remained comfortably seated in the second chair on the prosecution’s side.

That dynamic suits the designs of both men, according to one former senior State Department official.

“Having Kerry out front gives Kerry what he wants, a visible public profile on the burning issue of the day, and gives the White House what they want, a measure of remove from a no-win conflict,” the former official said. “If things go surprisingly well, the president can always swoop back into public view.”

But while Kerry has pounded out the case against Assad, he has yet to recommend a sentence. On the Thursday night conference call, Kerry pushed back on lawmakers, including House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, who urged the administration to retaliate without offering a specific plan that they would support.

“He really put it back on the members well,” said a source who was on the call. “When he asked [Pelosi] what she suggested doing, she literally stuttered.”


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  1. t

    Nobody wants to be President more than Joe Biden.

  2. Anonymous

    what dont you get

  3. anon22

    You do realize Assad is laughing his head off in Switzerland somewhere, dining on fondue and chocolate until Obama is done playing Macho Man.

    Pass the popcorn.

  4. Anthony Fountain

    Um, isn’t it Al Gore who still thinks he won in 2000 or is your sly humor ending me?

  5. Michel de Nostredame

    Kerry ran in 2004.
    But no matter, I have a feeling something big is going to happen this weekend.

  6. Anonymous

    please just dont realize that you come of as being racist, anti catholic, anti semitic aholes….OH the nerve of my to speak my mind…this is a free country isnt it

    • Fran Flummoxed

      I think ^ this guy ^ is in the wrong blog. Take a pill and lie down.

    • AJ

      Wow such pent up emotion and so little to say– you must be small minded. Your argument is to resort to name calling? Please elaborate, WTF are you talking about?

      • housecat

        (For the record, I’m still pissed at you. However…) this sounds very much like the person who well, let’s say… “excreted” an incomprehensible comment much, much earlier. Managed to malign multiple ethnic and racial groups AND make absolutely no sense at all. Perhaps he-she-it was the liberal troll CF mentioned trying to bait? My take: don’t waste your time (totally not worth it…). This one needs to go back on his/her meds. Pronto.

        • AJ

          I don’t know why you’re pissed, all I did was present you with an alternative point of view, and ask you to use critical thinking. Your earthquake response to the question of what brought down building number seven indicated that you had just bought the official story, and were presold without ever having given it any thought.

          If you’re still having problems with what happened that day I suggest you use the method of taking a picture and reducing it in your mind and pushing off to the side, or running images backward as described in the Tony Robbins Personal Power tapes. I know a person who used that method to erase the images he had stuck in his mind from seeing an out of control car speeding at over a hundred miles an hour take the back clean off a car and cut a pedestrian right in half, right in front of him and got to see the guy, I think around twenty-five years old, bleed out and die on the street. Plus the guy almost killed him. It works. You can probably pick up a copy on tapes or disks on ebay for around twenty bucks.

        • housecat

          AJ, it wasn’t that you had an alternate point of view (which I can handle, BTW), but that you hunted me down and virtually trolled me with it. I didn’t mean to ” challenge” you – god, forbid- I merely pointed out something you would not have known if you hadn’t been there. And, FYI, it was merely a suggestion. You went ballistic on me, pal. Why? Anyway, this “person” we’ve responded to on this post ain’t worth your time or breath – totally crazy, and not worth the O2, IMO.

        • AJ

          Sorry about that, but this is a blog that aside from the latest real estate news is pretty much about political arguments, which are about making points and counterpoints. I countered your argument, you countered mine, I countered yours; it had nothing to do with you. As to the point that having been there makes your argument more valid: being in the middle of mayhem doesn’t necessarily give one a better point of view, or change the laws of physics as to what it takes to make a building collapse in a certain way. If I had wanted to go after you, I would have gone dialectical instead of rhetorical: it’s much less work. Politics is a gutter fighting sport that’s all about literally destroying the opposition, which in real life has no limits on how low a person can go — it is a true blood sport. On this blog as someone who in the past has been deeply involved at the highest levels of political campaigns, I haven’t come anywhere close to how low I can go, and think I’ve always been fairly civil. After all, I’ve spent the last twenty years living in the politest country in the world.

  7. CatoRenasci

    I love the irony of Kerry, who claimed we had to meet some “global test” when he was flubbing his run for the Presidency, now saying the US should go it alone when the rest of the world says “No”!

    You can’t make this stuff up, as they say!

    Just say NO money for this adventure, NO Congressional approval, and smack ’em down.

    The Democrats did everything to cause the US to lose in Iraq and Afghanistan, and to destroy American credibility, time to pay them back in spades. (oops, racist!)

    No support, no cover, let them hang out there as the complete fools and idiots they are.

    Cameron may be a fool who was the first Prime Minister since Lord North in 1782 to lose a war vote in Parliament, but at least he’s been saved from himself!

    Obama ignores Congress, showing himself more the autocrat than George III.

    This will not end well.

    • AJ

      I guess Cameron has a minority government, but even if he had a majority in the House of Commons, he could still be shot down in the House of Lords whose seats are appointed not elected by the party in power, I’m not sure if you have to be a majority government to make appointments or just be the government, and I have no Idea of the balance of power over there, who holds how many seats in each house. But a Prime Minister, or the head of the opposition for that matter, can make a vote a closed one where everyone in his party has to vote the way he tells them, or be kicked out of caucus, or it can be an open vote where MPs can vote as they choose.

      • AJ

        House of Lord appointments are for life, and the PM can’t do anything to make the ones that are members of his party vote the way he would like them to.

        • CatoRenasci

          Right. And, of course, the Lords’ veto is very limited and can be overridden – and this has true (though with a bit more teeth) since the crisis over Home Rule and the Parliament Act of 1911.

        • AJ

          I didn’t know that, I’m pretty sure that’s not the case as I’ve seen it in practice in Canada where the house of Lords is called the Senate.

        • AJ

          I should say that’s how I’ve seen it with minority governments who’ve gotten something through the house but didn’t hold a majority in the appointed seat senate and who weren’t able to get their bills passed and that was the end of it.

  8. AJ

    Listen to pacifist John Kerry at the Congressional Vietnam War Hearings, starting at 06:00 of the clip, carrying on like some little dweeb reading poetry at the Yale Poetry Club.